California Democratic Party chairman accused of sexual harassment

November 26, 2018

Eric Bauman

The openly gay chairman of the California Democratic Party is facing allegations of sexual assault or harassment of staff members, accusations lodged by the party’s third-in-command. [SF Chronicle]

On Saturday, party Vice Chairman Daraka Larimore-Hall sent an email to the state party executive board stating there are “credible, corroborated and utterly heart-breaking allegations” against Chairman Eric Bauman. Larimore-Hall said he was approached by a number of party staff members who said they had been sexually assaulted or harassed by Bauman at party functions.

Many of the alleged victims are at the very beginnings of their carers, Larimore-Hall stated in the email. The email did not include any details about the alleged incidents.

Larimore-Hall is calling for the state party to remove Bauman from his position. Bauman is calling for an independent investigation into the allegations.

“I take seriously any allegation brought forward by anyone who believes they have been caused pain,” Bauman said in a statement. “Procedures are in place to handle these matters, and independent counsel will ensure that they are followed. I look forward to putting these allegations behind us and moving forward as unified Democrats.”

Bauman was narrowly elected chairman of the state party in 2017, defeating community organizer Kimberly Ellis, who appealed to the progressive wing of the party. Bauman is the former head of the the Los Angeles County Democratic Party and is viewed as an establishment Democrat.

Following the disclosure of the allegations, California Congressman Ro Khanna (D-Fremont) called for the state party to replace Bauman with either Ellis or Michele Dauber, a Stanford law professor who spearheaded a campaign to recall a Santa Clara County judge who sentenced a Stanford athlete to six months in jail for sexually assaulting and attempting to rape an unconscious woman.

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How very Californian,

How is it, that just weeks after a Mid term and Governors election does a top leader suddenly have these kind of charges?

Pelosi, Newsom, Harris, De Leon, all complacent or just corrupt.

# metoo is part of the cover up.

Trump, come on in, the waters warm.

I noted he’s eager to put it behind him. Seems like “behind” being in front of him is what got him in the news. Struck me funny sorry. :)

President Trump is no saint, but also no Bill or Hillary Clinton, no Ted or John Kennedy, either.

But he has delivery an amazing economy, record low black unemployment, record low black youth unemployment, low female unemployment, and record low Latino unemployment.

Locker room talk is just that. At least President Trump didn’t pull a Gavin Newsom.

Insults and personal attacks removed, none of you experts even know what happened. No details about the alleged incidents are available.

Repeat offenders risk their accounts.

I have to wonder if he angered an untouchable politician. Well, I hope he gets the presumption of innocence-who am I kidding, just being publicly accused means he is guilty, right?

I’m sure we’ll hear about this on Meet The Press with Chuck Todd. Let’s see if he takes a break from his weekly Trump bashing show?

I am absolutely shocked that such a thing has happened. No, not really.

Hey, it’s California liberals at work. Let them alone so that they can do their thing.

“Franklin Graham: Donald Trump “Defends the Faith.” Welcome to 2018 American Christianity, where “defending the faith” means grabbing women by the pussy, fucking porn stars, caging migrant children…or just tear gassing them at the border.”

And… another member of Trump’s campaign team goes to jail today.

re above: “The email did not include any details about the alleged incidents.”

The GOP is doing so much better, lol.

Both sides are disgusting.

But be clear, the kids in cages video was during Obama’s presidency.

Anyone who doesn’t ant to be met with tear gas at the border has other choices, go home, go to a port of entry and apply legally, or accept Mexico’s offer of asylum. Most borders have armed agents who wouldn’t hesitate to shoot those who ignore orders and insist on entering illegally.

No, It was trumps separation policy that led to kids in cages in June of 2018.

Trump migrant separation policy: Children ‘in cages’ in Texas

Kids in Cages and Other Scenes from Trump’s “Zero-Tolerance” Border “It was something I’ll never forget.

Border Patrol later told me it was a play area. Really, it was a cage filled with what I remember being at least a dozen young kids, some of whom had been separated from their parents.

Some were sitting on the floor and some were standing, and they were being supervised by a contracted guard at the center of the cage in a watchtower.”

Fox news claimed it was Obama-era photos Does This Image Show a Toddler in a Cage Detained by ICE in 2018? False.

Here’s a link to the story. Former Obama photographer leaked the goods not realizing the photos were from 2014

Correction, it wasn’t Obama’s photographer that tried to blame Trump for the photos taken in 2014, it was his speech writer.