College administrator repeated racial slur, on unpaid leave

November 28, 2018

The vice president of business services at Santa Barbara City College was placed on unpaid leave after she repeated a racial slur while talking about gender and racial issues on campus. [Cal Coast Times]

During a gender equity work group meeting on Nov. 14, Lyndsay Maas repeated a story a student had told her about a racial slur that was aimed in the students direction. Five days later, several people speaking at a Santa Barbara Board of Trustees meeting demanded Maas resign.

On Nov. 19, Maas was placed on unpaid leave. Maas then issued an apology for saying the word, and causing pain.

“That word should never be used in any context as it only serves to perpetuate racism, and I was complicit,” Maas wrote. “I recognize that I need to reflect on what took place and do thoughtful, informed work to educate myself. I will spend my future at SBCC more aware of how words can cause pain. Additionally, I will continue to be a part of the changes needed to help battle on campus racism.”

Campus President Dr. Anthony Beebe released a statement denouncing racism.

“Santa Barbara City College is not unaffected by the history and power dynamics that support racism and other forms of discrimination,” Beebe wrote. “As an institution of learning, we must hold ourselves and each other accountable and commit to the necessary work to address and root out racism and inequity on our campus.

“Racism and inequality are painful aspects of our history and remain in our environment. We must change that. As difficult as this work may be, it must continue. The work requires all of us, and I welcome all voices, from throughout campus, to be part of making this institutional

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So is this why Huckleberry Finn can’t be read anymore? How stupid can people get?

This is a good discussion for the Board Trustees of all Universities, all Corporations, all Top level anything. Then we get the trickle down as it should be not at the grunt level want to be somebody.

Of all places, a college ignores the first amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America. I would not send my kids to this college. A college is supposed to be a place of free thinking and speech.

Wow. Just wow. What is this world coming to? I hope she sues the crap out of them. Unpaid leave? All the while others get paid leave (such as employees of our local CSDs and Police Officers) whom have committed serious offenses that actually harmed someone? I just can’t anymore……..

so, she told a group about the slur and said the word and they put her on unpaid leave? so you can’t relay the truth about an incident, you must PC the truth? *sigh* guess she should have just kept her mouth shut. this is similar to the Netflix exec fired for saying “don’t say this word” and getting fired for saying it.

for repeating a story to make a point in a meeting??! Keep cannibalizing your own far left wackos.

What did she say? “Pass the crackers”? Am I the only one who cringes when they read “gender equity work group”…

A grown working adult will lose everything because he/she repeated something somebody else said. Yet likely in the very school he/she worked at some punk kid(s) with shit for parents continue to torment and likely physically assault another poor kid face to face or thru todays social waste of life until they commit suicide or go postal. All the while the parents of this kid and the school admin knew exactly what was taking place yet did nothing telling us their hands are tied. Nice, real nice.