SLO County Progressives win big in city council races

November 7, 2018

Jimmy Paulding

SLO County Progressives need not worry about their losses in the June election, as progressive candidates gained seats in San Luis Obispo, Morro Bay, Grover Beach and Arroyo Grande city councils in Tuesday’s election. [Cal Coast Times]

SLO Progressive candidate Jimmy Paulding won the most votes for the Arroyo Grande City Council with 34.38 percent taking one of two open seats. With 30.67 percent, Keith Storton won the second seat. Also promoted by the progressives, Councilwoman Caren Ray won the mayor’s seat.

Recommended in the progressive’s voter guide, Mariam Shah kept her seat on the Grover Beach City Council and Councilman Jeff Lee took the mayor’s seat. Barbara Nicolls also retained her seat on the council.

Co-founder of the SLO County Progressives, SLO Mayor Heidi Harmon, won 59.73 percent of the votes. Also, the progressive’s choice for city council Carlyn Christianson won received 26.96 percent of the votes. Erica Stewart won the second council seat with 20.64 percent of the vote.

Dawn Addis

In Morro Bay, progressive candidate Dawn Addis received the most votes, garnering 28.95 percent of the vote. New comer Jeff Heller won the second seat with 22.81 percent of the votes.

Progressive candidate Susan Funk won a seat on the Atascadero City Council with 34.33 percent of the vote. With 35.23, Heather Newsom also won a seat on the Atascadero City Council.

In Paso Robles, with the largest percentage of Republican voters in the county, there were no progressive endorsed candidates on the ballot. John Hamon led the pack of four candidates with 30.45 percent of the vote. Maria Elena Garcia also won a seat on the council with 26.61 percent of the vote.


The people who voted the progressives in maybe sorry later.


And every one of these POS will be lining up to get chump change for the right to build Windmills on the Coast.

Our State is completely lost.

George Bailey


Many of these whacky, ‘progressive liberals who won election Tuesday were secretly bankrolled by drug dealers who threw fundraisers to get them elected, and I have to wonder what was promised in return?

I predict we see corruption on unprecedented levels as these low-ethics, ultra-liberals fall over each other drunk on power.  People like Heidi Harmon, Caren Ray, Miriam Shah, Barbara Nichols, John Headdering, Carlyn Christianson, John Shoals, and Jeff Lee ALL accepted the drug money to finance their campaigns.

The above politicians ought to be ashamed of themselves, and our children deserve better than to see their democracy debased by corrupt politicians who accept drug money to get elected.

Just saying,

Mr. George Bailey


“drug money”? You mean lawfully contributed campaign money from the legal cannabis industry, right? If this was the South you’d not bitch about the legal tobacco or alcohol money that finds its way into every election in that part of the country, would ya? Nope… Get used to it, it’s capitalism at it’s “highest”!


Nikita Kruchev knew what he was talking about in the early 1960s when he stood in front of the US Congress pounded the podium with his shoe and said you don’t have to worry about going to war with Russia your children and grandchildren will hand the United States to us. Our educational institutions is teaching socialism in the schools. Wake up Citizens before it too late.


should be fun times in SLO county. its true, we get the government we deserve.


Many matters before all these city councils will be so messed up that many of these politicians will be replaced in the next election. Corruption by the left will continue unchecked; donations from builders and developers will flow into these towns like wine. Pension debt will continue to rise.

Yes, I’m responding negatively to this election result.