G. Edward Griffin to host cryptocurrency and money event in Paso Robles

December 2, 2018

G. Edward Griffin

San Luis Obispo County resident and the author of the most renowned book on the formation of the United States’ current central bank, G. Edward Griffin, is hosting an event in Paso Robles that aims to forecast the future of money and the role cryptocurrencies will play in it. [Cal Coast Times]

On Dec. 7 and 8, Griffin will host an annual gathering of his group Freedom Force International at La Bellasera Hotel & Suites at 206 Alexa Court. The theme of the event is “money and cryptocurrency: the good, the bad and the ugly.”

In online media interviews discussing the event, Griffin said, despite the current market downturn, cryptocurrencies are here to stay. Griffin said there is still a lot of profit to be made, but there are much deeper issues to discuss relating to cryptocurrencies.

“I’d like to invite anybody to come who is interested in looking deeper into this cryptocurrency issue. It is much deeper than, are you going to make any money or are you going to lose money?” Griffin said in an interview with Jeff Berwick, the publisher of the Dollar Vigilante newsletter and one of the headline speakers at the Paso Robles event.

Berwick, a leading cryptocurrency investor and advocate, is expected to explain how to buy low and sell high. However, Berwick will be joined by other speakers who hold varying viewpoints, some very skeptical of cryptocurrencies.

Alan Myers, a forensic accountant, tax consultant and monetary historian, is scheduled to give a talk titled, “Why I do not trust cryptos as money.” John Sneisen, an author and economic analyst, is scheduled to deliver a talk titled, “The cashless society and economic servitude.”

Other topics that will be discussed at the event include the characteristics of money; FinTech; and precious metals, as they relate to cryptocurrency.

In an interview on the World Alternative Media YouTube channel, Griffin said cryptocurrencies have some very positive features, but he has uncovered concerning elements, as well.

“When you stand back and get the larger picture and see some of the elements that have been going on behind the scenes, we find out that, uh oh, this is a repeat somewhat of what I discovered when I was doing my research for my book, The Creature From Jeykyll Island.”

The Creature From Jekyll Island is Griffin’s best selling book on the Federal Reserve System, which was conceptualized, at least in part, by Sen. Nelson Aldrich and  a group of leading financiers who met on Jekyll Island off the coast of Georgia in 1910. Though the book is viewed by many as the definitive expose on the world’s foremost central bank, Griffin’s critics accuse him of pushing a host of conspiracy theories.

A reception will take place on the first day of the Paso Robles event, followed by speeches on the second day. On the following day, Dec. 9, Griffin will host an optional champagne brunch at his SLO County retreat.

Tickets for both the event and a livestream of it are available here. 

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(((a group of leading financiers)))

nazbol gang, your anti-Semitism is disgusting.

Thank you guys SO much for publicizing this. I doubt I would have even heard about in time otherwise. Finally an event on the central coast that fits my personality rather than catering to annoying wine snobs! LOL