Family members fight off armed gunmen in Santa Maria

April 14, 2019

Manual Duran

A family fought back against three armed suspects who broke into their Santa Maria home on Saturday morning. [Cal Coast Times]

Early Saturday morning, three armed teens broke into a home in the area of Western Avenue and Frank Lane. The teens then woke up the parents, held a gun to the father’s head, and demanded valuables.

After hearing the commotion, the couple’s 11-year-old son rushed into his parents bedroom and tackled one of the gunmen, according to police. The father then fought with another suspect while the mother and a teenage son battled the third robber, sustaining serious physical injuries in the process.

Alberto Montes

A 9-1-1 caller then reported the home invasion.

Officers arrived to find two suspects fleeing on foot, who they quickly detained. Inside the house, the father had detained the third suspect.

Officers arrested Alberto Pablo Montes, 18; Manual Duran, 18; and an unidentified 15-year-old male. The teens are facing charges of first-degree robbery of an inhabited dwelling, burglary, assault with a deadly weapon, brandishing an imitation firearm, and criminal conspiracy.


These two have failed wasted life written all over their faces….


This could have ended so badly in many ways…


Yes it could have – the robbers could have shot and killed everyone; or the homeowner could have done the same to the perps and probably ended up arrested under today’s liberal laws. Kudos to this family! I hope law enforcement throws the book at these creeps. But then, if they are illegals, they will just be let go to do this again and again. SO sad.


“under today’s liberal laws.” Lol

I understand this must be news to you that most of the people in SM are citizens, but you can keep bringing up illegals, if it makes you feel good about casting aspersions on people.

# casual racism. Made in china red hat, so sad.


Those laddies are quite fortunate that they chose a California compliant home with no firearms readily at hand for the inhabitants to protect themselves with.

Shocked in MB

Sounds like a very gutsy 11 year old.!!


I’m sure their mothers are very proud.


More of Mayor Patino’s protected class. Sorry citizens of Santa Maria you get the type of government you vote for, something we in Arroyo Grande are about to experience first hand.