Man killed in ATV crash at Oceano Dunes

April 28, 2019

A man was killed at the Oceano Dunes State Vehicular Recreation Area Friday afternoon in a single vehicle accident. [Cal Coast Times]

Shortly before 2 p.m., a 35-year-old Sacramento man was riding with a group of friends when he broke away and drove up a 25 to 30 foot dune. At the top of the dune, the man hit his brakes which propelled him over his handlebars and down the dune.

The man’s ATV fell on top of him and crushed him.

A week earlier, a woman from San Jose died Friday following a multiple-vehicle crash at the dunes.


In all the years of use there Ive yet to see a sign that warns the typical high winds cause drop offs as you head inland with the wind direction. Kinda like a no brainier if you ride sand dunes.


Once again it is a person from out of the area ….no mention if drugs or alcohol involved ….I stated in previous comments ,,my 5 children and myself and our mutual friends have been riding the dunes since 1973 injury free .. If you stop at top of a dune and your vehicle starts to flip you jump from vehicle to the right or to the left ….not straight behind it .. Its only sand it doesn’t hurt to jump off and let the vehicle tumble down by itself …In high school i worked at twin cities hospital templeton # 1 injury in ER was horse related …they haven’t outlawed horses yet …


Have anyone going to ride in the dunes to sign a waiver that if they want to ride at the dunes, they should beware of the dangers. Second, they should require mandatory riders courses, so if the riders have second thoughts they can skip or go through the training, the problem is even if people are careful it’s still dangerous. I remember when I rode ATVs out there before they became illegal and those were even more dangerous.


I grew up on Honda 110 atc 3 wheeler .my wife had a 400 kawi atc 3 wheeler all 5 of my kids started out on a Suzuki atc 50 3 wheeler and I’ve owned other 3 wheeler atc’s. None of us ever hurt …. 3 wheeler atc’s got a bad rap from underskilled riders who rode beyond their abilities .We all rode at home and at Oceano Dunes and Kettlemen Hills , Kaiser Sand and Gravel Pit , etc etc None of us hurt ever after 46 years of riding combined its about 250 years of riding


Well, two dead in a week. I can already see the calls for closing down the beach to vehicles. Hope it fails. The idiocy of a few should not spoil it for the many, and for the merchants who make their living catering to the off road crowd.