SLO City employee guilty of random assault, video

April 15, 2019

Chris Olcott


A San Luis Obispo city employee pleaded guilty last month to assaulting two people at Mr.Rick’s in Avilia Beach and was sentenced to 60 days in the SLO County Jail. [Cal Coast Times]

On May 28, 2016, Chris Olcott, a city planning and building department inspector, was having drinks with his wife and another couple at Mr. Rick’s when he noticed Isaac McCormack and Camile Chavez standing behind him at the bar. After glancing back at McCormack and Chavez several times, Olcott pushed Chavez, a special education teacher at Righetti High School.

After he bumped her the second time, Chavez pushed back. Olcott responded by hitting her in the face with his elbow, and knocking her unconscious.

While Chavez lay unconscious on the floor, Olcott punched McCormack in the back of the head three times. Chavez was transported by ambulance to a local hospital where she was treated for a concussion. McCormick was also diagnosed with a concussion.

Olcott had not met or spoken to Chavez or McCormack before the assault.

“I was struck by someone I never met before,” McCormick said. “After the bodyguards took him outside, he (Olcott) said, ‘I don’t care, I’ll do it again.’ “

“I do not know what I did to deserve such a thing,” McCormack added.

In Jan. 2018, Olcott stood trial for a felony charge of battery with serious bodily injury and a misdemeanor charge of battery.

The 13 day trial resulted in a hung jury. Chavez said she overheard a juror ask why Olcott should lose his job because of two drunk Mexicans in bar.

At a March 21 hearing, Olcott pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor assault charge in exchange for a dismissal of the felony charge. San Luis Obispo County Superior Court Judge Jacquelyn Duffy sentenced Olcott to 60 days in jail with a three-year suspended sentence, and ordered him to take alcohol addiction classes. He is slated to turn himself in on May 20.

“I cannot believe they made a deal with him when he is obviously guilty of this,” Chavez said. “Even now, I am still on medication and in therapy.”



The only thing more pathetic than watching this loser elbow that defenseless woman in the face is our local government allowing him to get away with it. Oh wait, he is part of our local government. This is just like the Ryan Mason case. Only this was caught on video. Truly pathetic all the way around. Just like Animal Farm, “All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.”


Dude must have had a good lawyer and a handpicked jury of morons.

If SJW Mayor Harmon doesn’t take action on this then she’s all talk.


He’s lucky I wasn’t the judge, my first question after seeing the tape would be “what’s the maximum I can give this Bozo?”


How disturbing! That jerk kept backing up into the couple! He certainly could/should have moved forward to give the couple more room. We reward this violent offender by dismissing a well earned felony charge?? Somethings wrong here! Didn’t the Judge see this video? HE could have stepped forward away from them and didn’t! I don’t get it, Am I missing something? How is knocking out a women and punching out a stranger NOT a felony?


Our town seems to be getting a lot more violent and dangerous, rapidly. Seems like every day I see things like this, and much worse, going on. Just last week I was attacked by a crazed homeless woman walking into the post office downtown one morning.


This piece of shit should try hitting a man that is looking at him. Shame on our system that let him plead to a misdemeanor.


Considering the assault took place in 2016 and he still has his job 3 years later despite crystal-clear video evidence that he is a violent person who hits young women and throws sucker punches, doesn’t look like the city was planning to do anything about it. It’s up to us as a community to call or write to the city council, the county board of supervisors, the mayor, and his HR and department director to question why they would keep someone like this on their payroll amd let them kmow that’s not okay. It’s not a good look. In a college town with young women everywhere, is it really worth letting this coward keep his job knowing it broadcasts the message that an unprovoked attack on a girl by a man twice her size is ok?


List of contacts at city council:

To contact the SLO County Board of Supervisors:

SLO Community Development:

(805) 781-7170, Planning • (805) 781-7180, Building • 919 Palm Street


Yes! It’s up to us as citizens to call or write to the city council, the county board of supervisors, the mayor, and his HR and department director to question why they would keep someone like this on their payroll amd let them kmow that’s not okay. It’s not a good look

List of contacts at city council:

To contact the SLO County Board of Supervisors:

SLO Community Development:

(80 5) 781- 7170, Planning • (80 5) 781- 7180, Building • 919 Palm Street


With his attitude, “I’d do it again”, his professional work may be due an investigation. Wouldn’t surprise me if he is on the take, this is SLO after all.


San Luis Obispo city/county government – come for the weather, stay for the money and bar fights.

stop the madness

Cal Coast this is a very bias article. If you watch the video in slow motion you can see that she has plenty of room yet she is leaning her body weight onto Mr. Olcott. He glances over his shoulder but that only leaves him a peripheral view. So most likely Olcott only saw the red hat. Now look at her last push and the look on her face. She knows she is instigating a fight. On the other hand, Olcott doesn’t know why he is being pushed and responds in self defense. Now I am a female and I have been bartending 15 years so I have seen plenty of bar fights. That is what this is, a bar fight. The issue here is that a girl started it and a man ended it. We can NOT scream for equality and then cry but “I am a girl” when it suits us. In the state of California we are all to be treated equally and so we need to look at this video without judgment of gender or race. And if we are going to talk about gender and race it is Chavez that can see his gender and his race. Olcott can’t see shit. He is being pushed from behind and that is more than enough to trigger a self defense response that leads to a bar fight.


You sound like an idiot and an abuse apologist. Shame on you for that. It doesnt look as though the woman was putting any body weight on him, and if she was he could have simply… Moved forward? Started a dialogue? Walked away? What a concept! So many choices, none of which necessitated attacking two unsuspecting people. This guy deserves much more than what he got. Hopefully this will be the catalyst for the city rethinking his position!


Nice try posing as a woman to bleed some sympathy for your friend. If ANY woman bumps you or rubs against you in that setting you politely move away. If you don’t that’s reason enough for a boyfriend or husband to knock YOU out if seen.

This isn’t a bar fight. This is a violent attack on two innocent and unsuspecting people trying to relax at the bar alone.

Let me know where you sling warm beer and I’ll remember to avoid it!


Chris Olcott is solely responsible for his actions. So what if she nudged him? He could have told her to stop, or hey, why not just move away from the person you’re viewing as offending you instead of becoming violent. But nah, he had to be a big tough guy.

Chris Olcott should not have violently attacked ANYBODY who shoved him from behind. If his claim is self defense like your comment suggests (he plead guilty by the way), then he should have shoved her back, not ELBOWED HER IN THE FACE AND PUNCHED HER BOYFRIEND IN THE BACK OF THE HEAD.

It’s obvious to anybody that Chris Olcott got off way too easy.

Look at the video, you can clearly see Chris Olcott throw an elbow in response to being pushed away AFTER he leans against them, thereby provoking them into the fight. The fact that he ONLY got 60 days for this just proves things are a little bit easier for little Chrissy, who grew up in two of the most privileged areas of California.

Hopefully his 60 days in jail will help him grow up a bit, but I doubt it. Usually people like this just view themselves as the “real” victim and aren’t able to see things objectively.

I’ve heard that Chris Olcott was just wasted and that him and his buddy always start fights at bars, and the fact that he’s going to be taking alcohol addiction classes supports this theory.


wow….just wow.


so whenever you feel pressure on your back, you just whip elbows around to clear the way without using your words? you’re out of your mind and clearly have no idea what abuse is. next time you’re choking your wife because she didn’t get dinner made on time, that’s not the healthy way of dealing with your emotions.