SLO City employee guilty of random assault, video

April 15, 2019

Chris Olcott


A San Luis Obispo city employee pleaded guilty last month to assaulting two people at Mr.Rick’s in Avilia Beach and was sentenced to 60 days in the SLO County Jail. [Cal Coast Times]

On May 28, 2016, Chris Olcott, a city planning and building department inspector, was having drinks with his wife and another couple at Mr. Rick’s when he noticed Isaac McCormack and Camile Chavez standing behind him at the bar. After glancing back at McCormack and Chavez several times, Olcott pushed Chavez, a special education teacher at Righetti High School.

After he bumped her the second time, Chavez pushed back. Olcott responded by hitting her in the face with his elbow, and knocking her unconscious.

While Chavez lay unconscious on the floor, Olcott punched McCormack in the back of the head three times. Chavez was transported by ambulance to a local hospital where she was treated for a concussion. McCormick was also diagnosed with a concussion.

Olcott had not met or spoken to Chavez or McCormack before the assault.

“I was struck by someone I never met before,” McCormick said. “After the bodyguards took him outside, he (Olcott) said, ‘I don’t care, I’ll do it again.’ “

“I do not know what I did to deserve such a thing,” McCormack added.

In Jan. 2018, Olcott stood trial for a felony charge of battery with serious bodily injury and a misdemeanor charge of battery.

The 13 day trial resulted in a hung jury. Chavez said she overheard a juror ask why Olcott should lose his job because of two drunk Mexicans in bar.

At a March 21 hearing, Olcott pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor assault charge in exchange for a dismissal of the felony charge. San Luis Obispo County Superior Court Judge Jacquelyn Duffy sentenced Olcott to 60 days in jail with a three-year suspended sentence, and ordered him to take alcohol addiction classes. He is slated to turn himself in on May 20.

“I cannot believe they made a deal with him when he is obviously guilty of this,” Chavez said. “Even now, I am still on medication and in therapy.”



What I mentioned about gov employees getting juries that don’t convict has happened in 2 articles this week ….It is also mentioned that Chris olcott received a pay raise and a job advancement . ..It would appear to me his attorney prolonged trial for years so as to allow Chris to get as many years in at his gov job and his boss giving him a boost before retiring .He is clearly looking for a problem in his body language standing with a death grip on the bar .. If he violates his probation and somehow ends up in prison he will be drawing his city retirement while serving prison time with free room and board .Once again laughing at the tax payers ….More than likely he will serve home detention not jail time


Yes, in the video, he appeared to intentionally back further and further into the people at the bar who were minding their own business. Their behavior was normal. His was way beyond acceptable.


I guess this will be an opportunity for Heidi Harmon and her progressive-dominated city council to show whether they believe all that rhetoric about civility and tolerance, or if it really just a talking point for their politics.

If they allow Chris Alcott to retain his job despite his felonious actions and misdemeanor conviction in this case, then we will all know that Harmon & Co. are all talk and no action with their beliefs.

What’s it going to be, Heidi?


Politics, now? Get a grip there Mjd! I’d bet a dollar to a dime that Olcott is a registered Republican and Trump The Pervert supporter and felt empowered to pull this chit because of the current climate of hate and fear mongering the pervert has helped put this country into. Wanna bet?!!!

No, Mjd! It’s time your party, the Party of Trump The Pervert, clean up their ranks of these types and disavow them publicly and loudly…

Ben Daho

I watched the video more than once. Heidi isn’t there. It was in Avilla. there was alcohol involved and being pushed is no excuse, but it’s an explanation.


Slow it to 1/4 speed. At 19 sec. no contact has occurred but Olcott looks over his shoulder at the couple. At 25 sec. Olcott initiates contact with the woman with his ass like he’s going to sit down to take a s**t. At 27 sec. she looks at him with a WTF expression. and Olcott moves backwards along the bar to occupy the space he created by pushing the woman. At 32 sec. a bartender serves her male companion a bottled drink and accepts a bill from him, Olcott looks back at them again and the woman moves to the other side of her male companion away from Olcott. At 44-48sec. Olcott looks back again and moves behind the male companion to further shove her.


The Trib is waiting to report on this until Matt Fountain is done writing his story so he can be the one to break it.


Elbow a woman and suckerpunch her boyfriend.. what a man..


Chris Olcott is a close friend of Mike Codron, the head of the city planning department. City management was aware of this case, but decided it did not matter. Instead, Codron gave Olcott a raise and promotion recently. Can you imagine the lawsuit if Codron attacks someone on the job and they knew about his anger issues?


Just like all the deaths in the jail thanks to Sheriff Parkinson the only ones who pay are the taxpayers.


…and the defenseless souls who wander into their paths and are seriously injured or killed as a result. I expect the jury had no idea of the lasting and long term consequences of a concussion injury.


Olcott is 39 and never really worked under a supervisor before he was hired at the City of SLO. He was ‘self employed’ since graduating from high school, no college degree. The City of SLO was his first employer and he was arrested for the assault/battery only 18 months after he was hired.

1997-2003, various construction jobs; (2003, got contractor’s license) 2003 – 2009, self employed with “Lone Wolf Construction” in Carmel, CA (his family lived there); 2009 – 2011 ‘independent contractor’ for Krebs Design in Carmel, CA; 2011, moved to Santiago, Chile, waited for visa documents for girlfriend to immigrate to the U.S,. ‘self employed’ as web designer in Chile until 2013; 2013-2014 ‘self employed’ with “Lone Wolf Construction” in Santa Barbara, CA (his family lived there); 11/2014 – present, Building Inspector City of SLO.

Assault/battery happened in May 2016, so he had been with the City of SLO for 18 months. It’s now been 4 years since he was hired.

Derek Johnson (SLO City Manager) is from Santa Barbara so maybe that’s his connection to SLO. Back in 2014, Derek Johnson was the Community Development Director so would have been Chris Olcott’s supervisor.

The current Chief Building Inspector is also from Santa Barbara and knew Derek Johnson before he was hired with the city of SLO.


Olcott needs a training bra, anger management, and a few years behind bars.


agreed. anyone know if he attends a local gym? preferably one that features sparring? i’d love to know if there was a way i could legally stomp a hole through his face. it would be a pleasure.


Thank you for printing this article. Why was this not covered by the Tribune or KSBY or New Times? Since the story came out yesterday, Chris Olcott removed his photo from LinkedIn, which you used for this story.

I guess he doesn’t want people who google him to realize it’s the same guy.


He also removed his last name and now goes by “Chris O.”

I wish there was a way to link the article to his LinkedIn page without him being able to remove it.


The story has made international news, but cant find its way into the Trib. Disgusting. I just saw the story and video at, from half way around the world.


Well, SLOMark, the British have higher standards of behaviour, and would naturally be horrified…