Teens stabbed during fight over stolen marijuana

April 19, 2019

A clash between two groups of teenagers over stolen marijuana products morphed into a chase through a pair of North County cities, culminating in a fight in which one juvenile stabbed two teens around the corner from the Paso Robles Police Department. In California, you must be at least 21-years-old to have, purchase or use recreational cannabis. [Cal Coast Times]

On Thursday afternoon, a fight broke out near the police department at Pine and 10th streets. Paso Robles officers arrived at the scene and contacted two 17-year-olds and one 16-year-old, who said an 18-year-old man and a 17-year-old boy had been stabbed, police said. The stabbing victims had already arrived at a local hospital.

One victim suffered four stab wounds to the arm, torso and pelvis, while the other was stabbed under the arm. Neither victim suffered life-threatening injuries.

The altercation occurred as a result of a theft that took place the previous day, police said. Three juveniles had stolen marijuana products and vape pods from one of the victims.

Following the theft, the juvenile victim enlisted the help of numerous friends in an attempt to find the three suspects and recover his stolen marijuana and vape products.

At some point, the two groups encountered one another, and a chase ensued starting in Atascadero and ending near the Paso Robles police department.

Both victims and several of their friends cornered the suspects and started the fight. One of the 17-year-old suspects was in possession of a knife, and stabbed both victims.

The victims then left the scene and went to the hospital. Officers found several items of stolen property at the scene, as well as the knife.

Officers arrested one 17-year-old boy and took him into custody on charges of theft and assault with a deadly weapon. Additionally, police released two other juvenile suspects to their relatives and will forward theft charges against them to the district attorney’s office.

An investigation into the case is ongoing. Officers are asking anyone who has information about the case to call the police department at (805) 237-6464 or to anonymously call Crime Stoppers at (805) 549-STOP.


Stupid kids. Just stupid!


Here’s some facts for all of those naysayers and fear mongers out there…


While you try and digest those facts here’s some facts that the Remy Martin, Coors Light, Budweiser and micro-brewery crowd either deny or just outright ignore while they sip or gulp away on the second most deadly drug on the legal market:



And lets not forget the fact that another legalized drug, tobacco/nicotine, is the #1 cause of death by any drug, legal or otherwise, in this country, and not one of you bitch about that…

If you don’t like it? Look the other way, or do as you do with alcohol and tobacco, accept it as part of American culture and live with it….


And this is relevant how….?


I’ll defer to Side_Show_Bob on your question of relevance… But!

It’s all relevant in the big picture as you accept all the consequences of tobacco and alcohol without even a whimper (including the tens of billions of your tax dollars being spent on those consequences) while you continue to bite into the bullchit the conservative naysaying fear mongers (including it’s backbone, the religious right) continue to dole out.

Now excuse me, it’s time to mellow out and dig into these homemade chocolate chip oatmeal cookies straight out of the oven, with a cold ass glass of milk, that taste oh-so much better after a bowl full of my home grown Indica. Cheers!


Remember the days when pot mellowed you out.


When you’re a Jet you’re a Jet all the way

From your first cigarette till your last dyin’ day

When you’re a Jet if the spit hits the fan

You got brothers around, you’re a family man


Remember folks, legalization was supposed to relieve us of all the crime! Oh…and the tax dollars?! We’ll have so much money we can fix the streets, pave the sidewalks with gold. Unicorns will roam the streets freely and white doves will fly again!

Instead, we just continue to circle in the coriolis effect of a failing society’s toilet bowl.


Well you can see here why the Paso Robles Police Chief says they are a couple dozen officers short. Very easy to see where all of the marijuana tax money will be going. My bet that in the long, or even maybe the short, run we will see that the legalization of marijuana will make a negative impact on the financial conditions of the local cities. Of course that will require an additional sales tax increase to try and balance things out.


Marijuana is regulated and controlled, hence why enforcement of marijuana laws will continue.

In California you can only grow up to 6 plants, unless licensed and permitted to grow commercially. Plants must be grown out of public view and you can only possess up to 1oz. of concentrated cannabis at a time, unless licensed and permitted to possess it for commercial purposes.

People think that “legalization” meant no restrictions, but the text of the initiative only allowed limited possession, cultivation and use. The legislation also lessened penalties to a point, however, if you are convicted of possession of over an ounce three times and are caught a fourth time you will be charged with a felony.

So, like other adult products, use it in moderation and keep it away from minors.


“So, like other adult products, use it in moderation and keep it away from minors.”

Or, better yet, don’t use it at all.


Unless a person spends $20 or so for a medical card, then they can have 12 immature OR 6 flowering plants + 6 recreational plants, and the only possession limit is how much their medical needs require. One can also be a caregiver and flower 6 plants each for a 5 medical patients, for a total of 36 flowering plants (30 medical + 6 rec), all without paying for any license. Key point is the product is for non commercial medical use, ie, not selling anything.

For those who are really into growing for the medical patients there is still a way to accomplish it, albeit on a smaller scale than what was capable under SB420. The days of growers growing hundreds/thousands of plants “medically” then selling it on weedmaps to any medical card holder and making a huge profit are over.


I thought marijuana made everybody mellow.


Dudes, don’t fight!

It’s 2019 and there’s plenty of dope for all.

With our leader Gavin Newsome, I’m expecting soon it will be free and supplied by the State!


Soma is a governmentally provided drug to the people living in the Brave New World. It represents a way to escape pain, discomfort, embarrassment, sadness or anger and to enhance joy, arousal, and an overall sense of well being.


Yeah, Social Services will make it part of layabouts’ welfare packages!


Yep, keep the population dumbed down.