Family calls for boycott of Laetitia Winery

May 11, 2019

Supporters of making changes to the deadly El Campo Road and Highway 101 intersections


Our response to Laetitia Wineries suit to stop Caltrans from making the safety improvements at El Campo and other crossings. While we continue to assess our full response here is what we plan on doing:

1. Call for a boycott of Laetitia Winery memberships and wines (we have already been contacted by some who have said already they are cancelling their memberships at that winery).

2. Call for a boycott of any other wineries owned by Vintage Wine Estates, if any.

3. Expose who the principles are behind the parent company and make them answer directly for these actions.

4. Picket outside Laetitia Winery and let the world know they have blood on their hands, for past and future accidents and deaths at these crossings. I will be there next week picketing – May 15 through May 17.

5. Report any drivers leaving Laetitia wine tasting that appear to be driving under the influence and take pictures of their license plates.

6. Expose the role Laetitia Winery had in 2011 by threatening to sue
causing the safety changes not to be made at that time, directly leading to our son Jordan Grant’s death at El Campo in 2018.

We are discussing other actions as well.


The loss is tragic, that gives no reason to request a boycott on a business! There are thousands of people killed each day on our highways, but that does not mean that a boycott of a local business is the answer, hundreds of people each day use that intersection and i believe that drivers need to pay attention and use caution…NOT BOYCOTT…….