Family calls for boycott of Laetitia Winery

May 11, 2019

Supporters of making changes to the deadly El Campo Road and Highway 101 intersections


Our response to Laetitia Wineries suit to stop Caltrans from making the safety improvements at El Campo and other crossings. While we continue to assess our full response here is what we plan on doing:

1. Call for a boycott of Laetitia Winery memberships and wines (we have already been contacted by some who have said already they are cancelling their memberships at that winery).

2. Call for a boycott of any other wineries owned by Vintage Wine Estates, if any.

3. Expose who the principles are behind the parent company and make them answer directly for these actions.

4. Picket outside Laetitia Winery and let the world know they have blood on their hands, for past and future accidents and deaths at these crossings. I will be there next week picketing – May 15 through May 17.

5. Report any drivers leaving Laetitia wine tasting that appear to be driving under the influence and take pictures of their license plates.

6. Expose the role Laetitia Winery had in 2011 by threatening to sue
causing the safety changes not to be made at that time, directly leading to our son Jordan Grant’s death at El Campo in 2018.

We are discussing other actions as well.


FYI – One of the neighbors who would be cut off, offered to donate land for an overpass where Cal Trans had recommended years ago because land lay was perfect, and the neighbor suggested it be named after Jordan. That is in the Co. meeting’s minutes. An arrow on the petition noted below points to that land. This petition is signed by locals not Plano TX, Dallas, TX and others out of town. Today Mr. Grant posted on FB Jordan’s Memorial Page a lengthy comment and a boycott petition listing all the wines to boycott, and posted it hours BEFORE he went to have a supposed negotiating dinner with the winery rep. and a couple neighbors. The current El Campo location has a house on the corner and would cost more to build up the land but is perfect for a signal light. Plz help the locals w Cal Trans.


I feel for the loss the family has sustained. I also applaud those who are boycotting the winery. As a resident of Paso Robles, I’ve become very aware of just how much the wine industry is taking from our citizens. Nothing is being done to improve our town for families who live here. Instead, our children must play in a park surrounded by wine stores and bars. Our rural residents have had their Wells go dry and thousands of native oaks have been cut down. All for the almighty dollar!

You can bet Laetetia winery is concerned… about MONEY!

The Mikado

The son’s death was tragic. El Campo has been a problem for years.

The problem is that both the Grant family and CalTrans is conflating ALL the crossovers as being problems and they are not. Historically, the Tower Road crossover in front of Laetitia has been almost accident-free but CalTrans has wanted to close them all for ages and they’re not going to let a good tragedy go to waste.

I won’t be boycotting Laetitia, in fact, I’ll be visiting more and I’ll be sure to wave at the one or two picketers as I drive by. But sad to see the Grant family volunteer to be used as willing props by CalTrans. This hate will not bring your son back nor will the actions you contemplate taking against Laetitia and it’s patrons.

Niles Q

This is a sad situation all around and dangerous highway crossings are not unique to this area of Hwy 101. We have several on Hwy 1 through the North Coast, many with fatalities at them. AND add in cyclists on Hwy 1 plus pedestrians making the walk of shame after release from jail and frankly, I’m surprised there isn’t a fatal accident every day. I hope the Grants can find peace someday.


Anybody who tries to turn onto the Northbound 101 from El Campo has got something wrong in their head. Maybe 30 years ago it was OK but not now!


but it saves them 5 minutes if they are lucky enough not to kill someone……


It’s a dangerous intersection where someone was killed. I applaud to the Grant family efforts to expose those who prefer to keep the intersection dangerous. The next person saved may be one of your loved ones.

Vigilant Citizen

So sad to see all the misdirected hate in this tragedy. Road safety is a priority, and we should work to improve our roads. Boycotts and blame only divide us. A campaign for safe driving would go beyond this intersection and better honor Jordan. Low cost signage would temporarily mitigate dangerous crossings. Working on reducing waste and increasing efficiency in cal trans would free up funds and get protects needed at El Campo completed at a quicker pace. Our love for one another, even under painful circumstances, is an American trademark. We can do better, together.


At least the whinery should come clean and admit business loss is their concern and not environmental regs. As far as sitting and waiting for drunks to drive out of the place, what do you think was the demise the last 3 establishments before Mongo’s in Grover? Taking into consideration the loss of life at the 41/46 and this mess, its the state of Ca, Caltrans and the CHP who should get sued for lack presence there and updated repairs.


Perhaps the Grant family is overreacting but those intersections are dangerous and need improvement. Laetitia is opposing an action that will improve the safety of those intersections and in my opinion possibly putting themselves in danger of future liability and litigation should anything happen in front of their winery. I wonder how many cars turn left across 101N to enter their winery? They must have looked at the business case I suppose.

The Mikado

Would you want access to your business shut down because an intersection a mile away was a problem?