Paso Robles apartment complex allegedly infested with vermin

May 9, 2019

A Paso Robles apartment complex has had a vermin infestation for several years, which has included bed bugs, cockroaches and rats, according to a class action lawsuit filed on Tuesday states. [KSBY]

The suit, filed on behalf of current and former tenants of Grand View Apartments located at 102-240 Spring Street, alleges the vermin infestation has spanned the last four years. Numerous other problems, including severe mold and dangerous gas and electric lines, have also made the complex unsafe for living, the lawsuit states.

Other issues at the complex include raw sewage outside of apartment units; a sewage backup; water leaks in sinks and showers; frequent lack of hot water; flooding in the parking lot; broken windows; damaged flooring; improperly placed stoves; a lack of air conditioners; malfunctioning refrigerators and heaters; and a lack of functioning smoke and CO2 detectors. The SLO County Health Agency visited the property to investigate a cockroach infestation and requested that action be taken on the matter, according to the lawsuit.

The plaintiffs allege they suffered for several years from flu-like symptoms, allergies, stomach pain, headaches, rashes and insect bites. When the plaintiffs would tell the on-site handyman or property manager about the issues, they would be bounced back and forth between the two or given excuses as to why the problems could not be fixed, the suit alleges.

In addition to naming Grand View Apartments, the lawsuit also names property owners Ebrahim and Fahimeh Madadi, as well as property manager Nicolle Davis. The defendants are accused of negligence and breaching the “implied warranty of habitability.”

The plaintiffs are seeking thousands of dollars in damages, including $5,000 per plaintiff and member of the class action for each time the defendants collected rent.

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Lived in north county a long time and that place has never seemed well taken care of. Obviously the owner(s) could care less and should’ve been brought to task a long time ago. It’s disgraceful.

Wow, I used to have “friends” that lived in those apartments almost 20 years ago, then it was known for being a dump and full of meth. Even with new paint, the place is still a disgusting dump. It needs to be torn down.