Human skull found in Morro Bay

June 20, 2019

Caltrans workers found a human skull while doing maintenance work alongside Highway 101 in Morro Bay on Thursday. [Cal Coast Times]

The San Luis Obispo County sheriff’s pathologist determined the skull has been in the area from several months to a year. Deputies are searching the area for additional remains.

The pathologist has not yet determined the sex or cause of death.

The Caltrans workers found the skull while doing tree trimming and landscaping near a Morro Bay Boulevard off-ramp.

Nearby from where the skull was discovered, deputies found the remnants of a transient camp.

“It’s unknown at this time if the remains are associated with this camp,” said Tony Cipolla, sheriff’s department spokesman.” The remains are not believed to be Native American.”

The sheriff’s forensic pathologist along with assistance from a forensic anthropologist will conduct a forensic investigation.

nazbol gang

we literally have corpses lining the street

What a great society we are


we literally have residents who exaggerate one found skull, cause of death undetermined, into “corpses lining the street”

What a strange society in such a pretty place


Over reaction is a pattern with that daily couch journalist.


Natural causes maybe?….


Yeah, sure we’ll call it that. Natural heroin overdose is what I predict. Just a shot in the dark like everyone else.