SLO police arrest wanted parolee with dagger

June 29, 2019

A wanted parolee who was reportedly in possession of a dagger tried running away from San Luis Obispo police Friday evening but was eventually captured and arrested. [KSBY]

As authorities were searching for the parolee, an officer spotted the man in an area near Highway 101 and Madonna Road. When the officer approached the parolee, he ran away.

Officers from multiple agencies joined the search and set up a perimeter in the nearby creek area. A helicopter provided aerial assistance.

Authorities managed to locate the parolee and take him into custody. Police have yet to disclose the man’s identity or provide further detail about the case.

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It’s so great to see that he wasn’t in possession of a firearm and violating the law.

Hopefully the judge will take this into account. ; /

Hwy 101 and Madonna rd. Sounds like a homeless parolee to me, which a small knife (dagger) would come in handy when sleeping in the creek-where they caught him. Maybe the judge would factor that in too. Possession doesn’t mean threatening.

Parolee with a pocket knife is more accurate description than dagger—unless he was a pirate.

I sure hope he was a parolee worthy of the expense (the violent kind) of an aerial search.

Not so harmless, Yan. A dirk or a dagger is a Penal Code-specified dangerous offensive weapon. Let him carry a Leatherman multi-tool if he needs help with his creek-side homecraft.

Didn’t say a knife was harmless. Said he wasn’t threatening anyone with it. Distinctions matter.

And you missed the point quoting the penal code about a knife. Yes a knife can be a weapon. They can also cut your food too.

The point was If we are conservative with our tax dollars; it should matter who we break out the police state for with aerial searches.

If he was a previously violent and a “wanted” parolee it may make sense for the helicopter.

We don’t need helicopters out searching for everyone who eludes the police.

The leatherman you speak of would probably qualify him for 3 strikes in one swoop. The knife, corkscrew, leather punch, scissors, pliers etc. same penal applies.