Gov. Newsom signs illegal immigrant health care bill into law

July 10, 2019

Gov. Gavin Newsom

California Gov. Gavin Newsom signed a bill into law on Tuesday that will extend government-funded health care coverage to young adult illegal immigrants at a cost of nearly $100 million a year.

The signing of SB 104 makes California the first state in the country to provide government-funded health care to illegal immigrants. Newsom said during a speech Tuesday that the measure is an incremental step toward providing health care to everyone under the age of 26 and eventually to universal coverage.

“We’re providing health care for everyone, regardless of immigration status,” Newsom said.

SB 104 will allow adults between the ages of 19 and 25 who are living in the United States illegally to become eligible for California’s Medicaid program. In order to participate in the program, it will also be necessary for the young adults to have an income low enough to qualify for Medicaid.

The program will cost an estimated $98 million and cover an additional 90,000 people. It will be funded, at least in part, by the state levying a tax on Californians who do not have health insurance, a policy modeled after the scrapped Obamacare penalty at the federal level.

Prior to reaching a compromise with Newsom, the state Senate proposed legislation that would cover illegal immigrant adults ages to 19 to 25 and 65 and older. An Assembly bill called for covering all illegal immigrants above the age of 19.

SB 104 passed the state Senate and Assembly on 28-11 and 56-17 votes respectively. Republican lawmakers have argued it is not fair to give health benefits to illegal immigrants while taxing people living in the state legally for not purchasing health insurance.

Expanded health care coverage under SB 104 will take effect in 2020.


When I had to go to Korea in the fifties I had not been paid for four months. I took our sick six week old daughter to County Hospital they said take her to Ft Ord or Vandenberg I told them Ihad to take my car back the dealer I was told well it seems like you have a problem if you can’t afford them don’t have them.


Methinks you collect more in government benefits than you pay in income tax…if you pay any income tax at all.


Governor Newsom just insured that President Donald Trump will win re election….the rest of the nation is watching….


For you people that don’t know the Military people does not get free medical they have to pay insurance as well as copay. I guess some of you people would pay a burglars hospital bill if he fell and broke a leg in your home.


Alot of double standard comments. You all pay taxes on mentally disabled, the poor, economic wars, veterans exposed to trauma in all aspects. But you complain about health insurance for refugees who add to the economy by spending money here, living here? You folks are no different than folks whom turned away Jews at harbors during WW2, and now we have interment camps again, too. Empathy is inherent, or its not; and when it is not, that is a sociopath.

Mitch C

Old timer, why do you want government to take your hard earned money and give it away. If, as you say, illegal allies are adding to the economy, why do we have to give them free insurance. I have no problem if they pay for what they get, but there is no such thing as “free” someone has to pay and as has been said many times, “ eventually you run out of other people’s money”.


I don’t support our corporations in Yemen, Isreal, Saudi Arabia, Venezuala, or anywhere. My money is spent defending wealthy business abroad, I don’t support that. We have the world’s largest “corporate defense” budget in the world. I’d rather use that money for humanity and humanitarian basic civil liberties for people and life on earth. This includes basic services for people whom lived in failed US backed countries whom oil and gas corporations screwed and moved and seek for safety as refugees here, be it Africa, Latin America, India or China; because they do!. People don’t cross deserts to get meager benefits, the trauma refugees of whatever reason incur at their US backed home is worse than that. Look and see what American companies still operate in Venezuala; Exxon, even better; what American companies worked for Nazi germany; IBM, Coca Cola, Motor companies etc, etc. Enlighten yourself at your own will.


To state, I work with immigrants from every region stated, whom benefit America more than any natural citizen i think I’ve ever met; whom lived lives of opression, to make America more diverse and beautiful. And they pay taxes, Green Card issuer’s too.


If these people pay taxes then they can pay for their own insurance, but we the taxpayer don’t need to.


Nothing is free, tell that to a refugee whom has been abused sexually, and traveled 3k miles on foot to hope to start a new life, as a 30 year old,babies, kids, brothers mothers and sisters, whom suffered more than most here, including me. How much did that sacrifice cost them. You folks all see dollars as a means of tangibility, suffering can’t be valued monetarily. I will and have sacrificed my own life for another innocent with righteousness, I am not a sheeple. How many here can say that. Be it immigrant, black, white, Jew , Muslim, we are people, you folks are talking about your family. A global family. Holy chit the Hatred here. I’m sorry for you all, and sorry for us to misrepresent humanity through this forum. Let the space folk forgive our greed and segragative behavior with borders.


Is life all about money, I thought money can’t buy happiness. And going to bed at night knowing people suffer makes me dislike money more. I really don’t need alot of money. Neither did Jesus. And gluttony is a sin, “even if you worked so hard for that material thing” or held slaves, like Mitch McConnell ‘ s family did.