Lying in Trash trailer: Shedding light on SLO County misconduct

July 18, 2019

Investigator Carl Knudson

By Cal Coast Times Staff

Seven years ago, a CalCoastNews article led to a lawsuit that forever reshaped the lives of its authors, their families, and its subjects. Following a $1.1 million judgement against CalCoastNews and reporters Karen Velie and Dan Blackburn, a production company out of Southern California produced a documentary that chronicles allegations of wrongdoing by a group of people affiliated with San Luis Obispo County’s waste management agency and their alleged attempt to shutter a news agency. [Cal Coast Times]

“Lying in Trash probes the origin of the lawsuit — the reckless efforts of a local politician named Adam Hill, and a handful of his governmental co-conspirators who plotted destruction of the two journalists and the news site,” according to the Lying in Trash website. “It documents the deplorable actions of a San Francisco law firm; a county judge bedazzled by those big-city celebrity lawyers; the untimely deaths of two key defense witnesses; pernicious efforts to poison the jury pool; the lop-sided trial; and the litany of lies by plaintiff’s witnesses to mislead jurors.

“It follows an internationally-recognized private investigator as he establishes the accuracy of the journalists’ original reporting, and proves the preponderance of perjury.”

The film, to be released in the winter, includes interviews with a former court administrator, a court reporter, former members of the waste management board, lawyers, a former member of Congress, a private investigator and a former IRS special agent.

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When Knudson shows up the cockroaches scatter. Let’s stomp on them!

Figuratively speaking, of course.

It is incredibly sad that it takes this much time and effort to pry these blood sucking, money grubbing cockroaches off of us. I would really love to see these criminal pigs (onik onik) in handcuffs. Sooie!

I hope for CCN that some justice will come from this.

Screen this at the SLO Film Festival, sell tickets for charity. Ought to be good for a few laughs, watching them squirm…

That’s a very good idea. But the SLO film festival, unfortunately, is run by sympathizers and allies of the local political and media establishment and Adam Hill and the SLO Democrat party.

They wouldn’t touch this film with a 10-ft. pole. We may never get to see it screened in a SLO movie theater at all.

It is long past time for the truth to come out. Bring it on!

Sounds like a future feature film in the same vein as “Erin Brockovich” or “Spotlight” with Julia Roberts as Karen Velie and George Clooney as Dan Blackburn.

Let’s roll!




Now let’s hope that this quickly leads to someone/some agencies scooping out the scum of the corrupt SLO County political cesspool and putting the violators where they belong- in prison.

Can’t wait!