SLO Brew temporarily loses liquor license

July 18, 2019

The state of California’s Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control suspended the liquor license of SLO Brew for 20 days for allowing an underage teen to drink alcohol in the restaurant and pub located on Hiquera Street in San Luis Obispo. [Cal Coast Times]

In May 2018, employees at the establishment allegedly knew an 18-year-old was consuming alcoholic beverages at the pub. It is suspected another patron was buying drinks for the teen.

On Thursday, the ABC posted a notice of suspension on the window of SLO Brew for a violation of the Alcohol Beverage Control Act.

Even though the restaurant is permitted to sell food and non-alcohol beverages during the suspension, management is using the stay to remodel the establishment.


The punishment seems pretty stiff. I’m sure they stopped once they realized their “mistake”. I’m thinking more like a $1600 fine would be more in order.


Position Available: Do you have the IQ of a wooden fence? If so, you’d be perfect to stand out front of our shut-down business and pass out flyers directing thirsty underage patrons to our SLO Brew, The Rock location out at the airport! Must be under 21 and we will pay you in IPA and swag.


Remodel the establishment? It’s only about a year old. What could need remodeling?