Epstein criminal case dismissed because of death

August 30, 2019

A judge dismissed the criminal case against the late Jeffrey Epstein on Thursday, more than two weeks after the accused sex trafficker died in jail. [Cal Coast Times]

On Tuesday, Judge Richard Berman allowed Epstein’s accusers to have their voices heard. Some of the victims felt they were robbed of justice, not just by his death, but also because of a failure of justice.

Years ago, prosecutors provided Epstein, a wealthy connected man, a plea agreement without hearing from his alleged victims.

Even though Berman dismissed the criminal case, prosecutors plan to move forward with the investigation which also includes allegations of wrongdoing by others involved in the alleged sex trafficking case. In addition, civil cases may also move ahead.


I heard a rumor that Epstein was heard screaming for help…this is not over…the swamp would like to put this behind us but its not over…


They should go through the trial as if he were alive just so we can all see the evidence!


You have to know several powerful people, such as Bill Clinton, don’t want that to happen so it is no surprise it is all being covered up.


He had stashed away millions of dollars….why would a suicidal person do that?…he hadn’t been in court yet for this charge and had a case of double jeopardy…a weak case but still a case to claim…why would he kill himself?…this smells and the media by and large is ignoring it…if Trump was a frequent flyer on Epstein’s plane the media would be digging their way to China to find something….sadly we live in a one sided corrupt nation folks…

Last Individual

You should read the article. Only the criminal case was dismissed. It would take someone dowdumb to prosecute a criminal case against a dead man, expending untold amounts of $ for absolutely no beneficial outcome. The only amazing thing about this is that it took them two weeks to figure this out.

The civil cases “may also move ahead” exposing essentially the same evidence. I don’t know that “all” of us want to see said evidence, but you certainly will be able to if you’re into this sort of thing.

Mitch C

If Epstein were some individual without a Mickle to his name but charged with the same crimes, there would not be an interest in pursuing the civil cases. It’s all about the money. These folks are looking for a pay day not any form of justice or closure.

Francesca Bolognini

Apparently, you not only have no empathy, you also have never been raped…….

Mitch C

Does a couple of bucks erase that experience? How does a couple of bucks actually make the rape acceptable? Only the attorney makes out in this form of litigation.


I am sure you are cherished by the females in your life MitchC.

It would be the poor people you mention who could not get closure if their rapist cowardly kills himself. Do you think it would be helpful for these victims to see Epstein’s heirs living the high life off their rapist’s estate? Why are they entitled to it?

Funny I bet you would be one of those who cheer on lawsuits aimed at draining a terrorist’s bank account (think TWA). Victims rights would jump from your tongue.

Yet, young girls who got raped. Gold diggers in your book.

The inconsistency points to; woman hating? If not please help us all out with your logic, and animus.


Oh look Blame the victims, how very conservative of you. Perhaps those 16 year olds were showing some ankle, it must be their fault.

Lets blame the money not the perverts.



If you know something about the Clintons, hide and never be found again.


And the UK…


Yes it was the Clinton’s who did it. …

….please pay no attention to the sitting president who is on video with Epstein at a private Playboy party for just two (men) at Mar Lago.

According to the President; “Jefferey likes his woman young”. A statement like that makes one wonder; how would he know?

Hmmm …who’s got the better pull at this point to kill someone in jail?

The current president or a former president?…. Be honest Deepsea.


Well with all the storys/rumors that have gone around about clintons and the people around them that have suddenly died, it kinda makes you wonder.


Here you are delivering some rumors, here because of you, not other people going around, You.

What’s next? a basement under a pizza joint, questioning someones birth certificate, benghazi, lets buy greenland and so on.

Please stop perpetuating bullshit.


Right, because there are so many other public figures with at least 30 deaths among their circle of influence.