Injured hiker rescued on Bishop Peak in SLO

August 19, 2019

San Luis Obispo fire personnel rescued an injured hiker on a Bishop Peak trail on Saturday. [Cal Coast Times]

The hiker suffered a medical injury in the Bishop Peak open space area, though officials did not disclose the hiker’s injuries. A Instagram photo appears to show the hiker suffered an injury to their left leg or foot.

Rescue workers found the hiker and treated him with advanced life support level medications before driving the victim down the mountain on an off-road vehicle. San Luis Ambulance then transported the hiker to the hospital.

The hiker’s current condition is unclear.

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1. Hoping for a full recovery and lesson learned.

2. The photo is ripe for a caption contest.

3. Pretty sure the sole of the existing shoe is not that of a hiking shoe/boot (thus a semantic ambiguity of “hiker”).

4. What the heck are the “advanced life support level medications” needed for this injury?