Los Osos general manager’s raise rejected by board

August 4, 2019

General Manager Renee Osborne

Just one month after the Los Osos Community Services District announced it is severing ties with General Manager Renee Osborne, on Aug. 1 Osborne submitted an invoice for work done in July at five percent over her contracted wages. [Cal Coast Times]

Activist Julie Tacker responded by asking the board to deny the unapproved wage increase of $400, which was listed in the board package.

At Thursday’s board meeting, President Marshall Ochylski asked that the board approve only the monthly contracted amount of $8,010 for July and revisit a raise at the boards September meeting. Even so, Osborne’s last day is Aug. 11.

“I don’t know how this could happen,” Tacker said. “Everyone knows that contracts are amended in public. Ironically, the board gave Osborne a proclamation and bouquet of flowers at the beginning of the meeting and then had to step up and stop her for writing her own check. Awkward.”

Last month, the board voted to hire Ron Munds to head the district, at $150,000 a year plus benefits. Munds was employed as a San Luis Obispo County utilities manager until last week. He is slated to begin work on Aug. 12.


No one was supposed to notice $400.

If it hadn’t been for Julie there’s a good chance no one would have.

Good catch!


Section 8 housing? Hell, anything under 100K a year in hells little playground demands poverty status.


But how can she live in Los Osos on only 96K per year?


Well come on now. Doesn’t she qualify for a little extra something before being thrown out for being incompetent? We are talkin slo county here.


Somebody help me here.


Where the hell do they dig up these clowns?


Hey Ron Munds — Remember your sworn testimony before and during the Tenborg/CalCoastNews trial? We do. I hear it will be examined in detail in the upcoming documentary “Lying In Trash: The Plot To Bury A News Agency.” Nervous yet?


$150,000 a year plus benefits! For Los Osos? What a scam.


When will we taxpayers in Los Osos get to vote on the matter of dissolution?

They owe it to folk in town that believe their ‘local contro’ has failed miserably & makes NO economic sense.


Good there is a Julie who gives a damn!!!

Mitch C

I wager Marshall $500 to his favorite 503 charity that Mr. Munds will not be the General Manager on October 1, 2020.