San Francisco sues Trump over immigrant welfare

August 15, 2019

President Donald Trump

San Francisco and Santa Clara counties on Tuesday filed the first lawsuit against the Trump Administration over a new regulation that allows federal officials to deny green cards or entry into the country to immigrants who use government aid programs like food stamps, Medicaid and housing assistance. [The Hill]

On Monday, the Trump Administration released the final version of the “public charge” rule, which will cause participation in federal programs to be deemed a negative factor when officials determine whether an immigrant should be granted a green card or visa. The Trump Administration argues the rule change promotes self-sufficiency and personal responsibility.

The two Bay Area counties responded by filing a lawsuit in the District Court for the Northern District of California. The suit seeks to postpone the implementation of the public charge rule, which is currently set to take effect on Oct. 15.

In the complaint, the counties allege the rule change harms safety net programs, and the projected decrease in use of public services by noncitizens as a result of the regulation will increase risks to public health. Likewise, the lawsuit alleges the new rule violates federal law and usurps congressional authority by “administratively repealing its longstanding family-based immigration system.”

San Francisco and Santa Clara counties claim the rule is also unlawful because it conflicts with the broader congressional framework of U.S. immigration law. The two counties previously successfully sued the Trump Administration over a rule that would have taken federal funding away from “sanctuary cities,” which refuse to enforce federal immigration laws.

Other opponents of the public charge rule, including the National Immigration Law Center, are expected to sue the administration over the new regulation, as well.

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Is it a popular idea to give illegal undocumented migrants welfare and free healthcare?….when did that happen?…I predict its not a well supported idea so why is San Francisco suing?…are they suing to be able to continue to break state or federal law?…did our state leaders and city leaders campaign in favor of this?…because I didn’t hear this….

It takes at least 2.5 incomes to support a household today in California…our taxes and cost of living in this state is ridiculous….what in the world are they thinking?…please some progressive out there help me out here…what am I missing?….

And can someone in the so called news business give us a run down on what all of these law suits are costing us…every time I turn around someone in the state is suing the federal government or Trump himself with my money and without my permission…what is that costing and have we won any?….

I don’t think this is anything new, I believe this has been the law of the land for more than a century!!!

I surely don’t think this a Trump issue, neither political party has done anything to protect American workers from wage stagnation from a over supply of cheap labor:(

Trump is just the messenger that is verbalizing and acting on what average Americans have had to endure for a long time.

San Francisco should sue itself. The immigrants that end up there should sue them too. And I’m not sure I understand the response to the post about other countries requiring lots of money and often times a trade or skill before even being considered to become a citizen. Who cares if it’s an island or they have a smaller population. There was no mention of race or anything closely resembling it. But the response had to take that avenue… All those countries and countries like Mexico have much stricter laws than we do….and yet do less for their immigrants. Amazing

When I first applied to visit America I was given a permanent Visitors Visa because my Mother was a Naturalized American Citizen. Even though my Mother was a Citizen I had to prove I had a return ticket back to Europe. My Mother also had to file papers stating that she would be solely responsible for any needs, including health, food, and lodgings. I would not be a burden on the Citizens of this Country. What has changed?

There are so many Americans from all ethnic backgrounds in dire need. Isn’t it our responsibility to take care of our fellow Americans first..

You need to hush up there as your making to much sense. What changed? buying votes with handouts. Trump won so the dems know they cant rely on the working AMERICAN class to get them back behind the controls. So what does one do? abandon the legal citizens who didnt vote for “them”, and begin the bribery process hoping to gain popularity. If you have another theory please share.

You know what the problem with that is, Snoid? Undocumented workers/immigrants can’t vote! Unless of course you believe the bullchit The Pervert puts out there about all the illegal votes, 3 to 5 million of ’em, that gave Hillary the popular vote.

Jeeeeez! Get off the kool-aid…

I do have another theory though… My theory is that as long as you and those like you ignore the facts and buy into the fear mongering we’ll always have the likes of The Pervert around, just not likely as President though!

to get a visa in Australia you need to show you have several thousand dollars.

True. Remember though that Australia is an island continent almost as big as the continental United States except with ZERO borders with other countries, and so sparsely populated that the entire population of Australia is about the population of Southern California including L.A., Orange, San Diego, San Bernardino, and Riverside counties.

And we won’t even go into the race question, where Australian aborigines are comparable to what are here called “Mexicans” but which are of indigenous “la raza” heritage such that a few 7th generation friends of mine of pure California ancestry, are virtually always identified as “Mexicans.” Or where my Japanese and Filipino friends whose families go back in California for many generations, are called “Asians” but they are like so many of us, multi-hued Californians, born and raised whose ancestors risked a lot to come here. Once they got here, they were far away from it all, and that didn’t change until the 1950s with easy commercial air travel.

A kid born here is a native Californian and will be as long as he lives.

And the friends from Aust had to show far more than that to hope to become legal US citizens. Buy they were white, must be racism on the dems part.