Supervisor Lynn Compton calls out Mayor Heidi Harmon

August 13, 2019

Supervisor Lynn Compton

After learning of San Luis Obispo Mayor Heidi Harmon’s plan to ban natural gas-powered appliances in new buildings, SLO County Supervisor Lynn Compton posted an article on the city’s latest proposed ordinance. Underneath the article, Compton questions several of Harmon’s recent recommendations. [Cal Coast Times]

“This is so beyond ridiculous,” Compton posted on Facebook. “I do not see how this mayor stays in office….her ideas are beyond the fringe…on everything….banning statues of people in the parks (only “ideas” for statues), trying to kick Amazon out of SLO…and…the big red fake roses in her hair everyday single day (what is up with that!!!!)???

“She is a joke! So ridiculous…and the city council is just as bad. I hope people wake up,” Compton added.


Way to go Lynn Compton! Call it like it is, don’t sugar coat. I like your style.


Yup, time for Heidi and her merry band of “hipsters” to get booted. They have lost their minds.


Atta girl, Lynn! Admire your courage to call it like it is.

Shocked in MB

Cannot give her enough KUDO’s. It is sad to see someone lose some credibility because of the way they look.


Lynn Compton, a breath of fresh air:)


We need more of our public officials to have the courage to speak out about these types of issues. Wasn’t a big fan of Lynn Compton before today. But right or left, the push against statues, for community energy, and for no gas appliance is crazy. It is time for more public officials to stand up against the Heidi Harmon gang. Isn’t their job public service and not self service? Thank you Lynn!


Cat fight alert!


Great comments, Lynn!! Please move to SLO and run for mayor once you term-out as a supervisor! We could use someone with your chutzpah!


In 2016 Heidi Harmon won by 47 votes. She undoubtedly gets 90% of the Cal Poly vote, half of whom have left SLO and do not have to suffer the consequences of their vote.