Supervisor Lynn Compton calls out Mayor Heidi Harmon

August 13, 2019

Supervisor Lynn Compton

After learning of San Luis Obispo Mayor Heidi Harmon’s plan to ban natural gas-powered appliances in new buildings, SLO County Supervisor Lynn Compton posted an article on the city’s latest proposed ordinance. Underneath the article, Compton questions several of Harmon’s recent recommendations. [Cal Coast Times]

“This is so beyond ridiculous,” Compton posted on Facebook. “I do not see how this mayor stays in office….her ideas are beyond the fringe…on everything….banning statues of people in the parks (only “ideas” for statues), trying to kick Amazon out of SLO…and…the big red fake roses in her hair everyday single day (what is up with that!!!!)???

“She is a joke! So ridiculous…and the city council is just as bad. I hope people wake up,” Compton added.

Jorge Estrada

Heidi just might become a cover story on the Berkeley Barb, in line with Germaine Greer.


Of course the city wants to ban gas stoves, gas heaters, gas hot water heaters and gas starters for fireplaces: the city is going to be making a profit as an electricity broker come January. Don’t you want to support incompetency at city hall every time you turn on a light?


“Blondes have more fun”


They appear to be a helluva lot smarter in this case as well…


Heidi Harmon is the Charles Manson of local politics. She has a bunch of crazy ideas and gets her followers to make them happen.


Well Heidi certainly can’t accuse Lynn of “sexism”. Love it! Between Harmon/council, Cantrell and Johnson…….. SLO is like a bad acid trip. Time to administer the Seroquel.


Now that isn’t gonna set well with the mayors buddys, ie: hill and gibson, but dammit it sits well with the rest of us.


I just emailed Compton’s office to thank her for going against this insane mayor (and City Counci). I think everyone here who agrees with her should contact her and tell her to keep it up.

Contact her at (805) 781-4337 or 1-(800)-834-4636 weekdays from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

If you would like to email Supervisor Compton please write to

You may also reach her Legislative Assistant Caleb Mott at


Lynn Compton, Making SLO Great Again.


“Making SLO Great Again.”

Yea, just like president pervert doe by not paying his bills, right? –


I don’t know if she is making SLO great again but makes some good points. BTW: SLO county never lost being great. It has consistently been voted one of the best areas to live in the world.


You do realize those who voted that way do not live here……


Anyone who dislikes SLO County should move. Try Bakersfield – your philosophy is similar to the Valley.


“…consistently been voted one of the best areas to live in the world.”

Depends on who you talk to, don’t ya think? Yea, the 1%ers have it peachy, but those who serve them on a daily basis, it’s not only not “the best” to live in, it’s unobtainable for the vast majority.

SLO is my place of birth. A place I’d love to call home, but that ain’t happenin’! Nope, not only would my past come into play (being an ex-con, was homeless) but my income prohibits me from doing so.



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