Santa Barbara County releases names of 22 killed in boat fire

September 7, 2019


Santa Barbara County officials on Friday released the names of 22 of the 34 people who were killed in the Conception dive boat disaster.

The Coroner’s Office, with the assistance of rapid DNA technology, has now been able to positively identify 23 of the 33 victims recovered and will release the names of those whose families have been notified. As positive identification and relatives are notified, officials plan to release more names.

As of Friday afternoon, Santa Barbara County released the following 22 names of victims:

Raymond “Scott” Chan, 59,  of Los Altos

Justin Carroll Dignam, 58, of Anaheim

Daniel Garcia, 46, of Berkeley

Marybeth Guiney, 51, of Santa Monica

Yulia Krashennaya, 40, of Berkeley

Alexandra Kurtz, 26, of Santa Barbara,

Caroline McLaughlin, 35, of Oakland

Ted Strom, 62, of Germantown, Tennessee

Wei Tan, 26, of Goleta

Kendra Chan, 26, of Oxnard

Angela Rose Quitasol, 28, of Stockton

Evan Michel Quitasol, 37, of Stockton

Nicole Storm Quitasol, 31, of Imperial Beach

Michael Quitasol, 62, of Stockton

Carol Diana Adamic, 60, of Santa Cruz

Andrew Fritz, 40, of Sacramento

Charles McIlvain, 44, of Santa Monica

Steven Salika, 55, of  Santa Cruz

Tia Salika-Adamic, 17, of Santa Cruz

Neal Gustav Baltz, 42, of Pheonix, Arizona

Patricia Ann Beitzinger, 48, of Chandler, Arizona

Vaidehi Campbell, 41, of Felton