Uber driver gets one year in jail for rape

October 11, 2019

Shadi Aziz Abdul


A former Santa Maria Uber driver was sentenced on Thursday to one year in county jail for raping an intoxicated passenger after the he entered a guilty plea.

In April, a woman told police she had an Uber driver pick her up and drive her to a location in Santa Maria. Upon reaching the destination, the driver took her to another location and sexually assaulted her.

In May, ICE agents located 37-year-old Shadi Aziz Abdul at the United States-Mexico border in San Diego and arrested him.

On Thursday, Abdul was sentenced to one year in jail, five years of felony probation and ordered to register as a sex offender for life.

Last year, police arrested another Uber driver who was living in Santa Maria and accused of rape. Alfonso Alarcon-Nunez, an illegal immigrant who had previously been deported to Mexico, allegedly lured intoxicated women, including SLO County college students, into his vehicle. He then followed them inside their homes, sexually assaulted them, stole valuables from them, and charged them excessive amounts for their rides.

Additionally, in Nov. 2018, San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s deputies arrested a Lyft driver, Jason Lamont Fenwick, for allegedly sexually assaulting an intoxicated woman and then burglarizing her Nipomo home.


Sentence and location seem almost illegal. I thought it was law that time had to be served in a state prison, not a county jail.

(“(a) Rape, as defined in Section 261 or 262, is punishable by imprisonment in the state prison for three, six, or eight years.”) California Penal Code 1203.65 — Probation for PC 261 defendants (effective Jan. 1, 2017).

Francesca Bolognini

Dan Dow needs further education, as he appears to be completely incompetent to do his job. He seems to have no idea the damage done or the concept of what it feels like to be raped………….

Who voted for this idiot ?


Just a reminder, the California Attorney General is investigating Dan Dow after he refused to press charges against an “alleged“ rapist cop. This after the cops own department investigated The allegations and found so much overwhelming evidence the detective forwarded it to the district attorney recommending he be charged. Of course Dan Dale threw it in the garbage. Vote him out!

Erik T

You get a year if you don’t know anyone. Adam Hill’s business partner, Ryan Wright (Petetit) beat his girlfriends half to death, slamming heads through windows, locking ladies in closets, and got only a few months. Women have no value to Dan Dow, nor does anyone else not part of his racket.


Ladies and gentlemen, This latest Atrocity is brought to you by your worthless unqualified district attorney known as plea deal Dan Dow. Danny boy is too busy counting his fat paycheck to bother defending victims of violent crimes. Dan Dow has a particularity soft spot for rapists. Apparently Danny believes Victims of rape Who have consumed alcohol must be asking for it. Dow probably asked what she was wearing after the victim was responsible enough to take an Uber home. If you’ve been paying attention, Danny has an ongoing history of cutting loose rapists back into your community. Vote this turd out of office. Do Nothing Dan must go! What a spineless POS.


Wait, I thought the criminal justice system was supposed to discourage and/or prevent these types of acts, not encourage them.


One year for rape, welcome to California.


P.S. Is he eligible for parole in 6 months?


WTF? One year? How can that be?


Only one year for rape????


The punishment for rape in California

The punishment, penalties, and stigma that flow from a California sexual assault conviction can be severe. The punishment for rape in California includes three (3), six (6) or eight (8) years in California state prison.2 And if the alleged victim was a minor, the minimum sentence is seven (7) years…and the maximum is thirteen (13) years.3


Read and weep: https://www.shouselaw.com/sentencing-hearing.html