Camera catches rogue attempting to break into Grover Beach home

October 11, 2019


A Grover Beach homeowner’s surveillance camera caught footage of a prowler, whom officers arrested, prancing around their porch early Thursday morning and trying to enter their home.

In the video, the prowler is seen sticking out his tongue, touching his head, flailing his arms, talking to himself, possibly ringing the doorbell and attempting to open the door to the house. The footage was recorded on a Ring doorbell camera at a home on Solana Court.

Officers learned of the prowler at about 2:50 a.m. and arrived at the scene within minutes, located Jamie Sills, 42, who then fled, but was later caught by officers, police said.

Officers booked Sills into the San Luis Obispo County Jail on charges related to prowling and narcotics.

Sills is not currently in custody, according to the county sheriff’s office website.

The surveillance footage shows the importance of residents making sure their homes are locked at night, police said.



Gavin Newsom and the Democrat Party just think we haven’t done enough to help this guy succeed, and we cannot trust them to lead.

Support law & order.

Jobs, not mobs.


He needs to move to San Luis Obispo. This s**t happens all the time in my neighborhood and SLOPD says their hands are tied and they can do nothing about it. The jail is full, he will be released on a promise to appear. He probably won’t and a warrant will be issued. If arrested again, either for another offense or the warrant the same thing will happen again. A homeless stolen bicycle chop shop operates openly on Union Pacific property near my house. SLOPD says it’s private property (Union Pacific) and absent a complaint from the property owner they will not take any action. Union Pacific, which has it’s own police force, one officer covers Salinas to Ventura, says that absent a request from SLOPD they will not take action or authorize SLOPD to act.

Noodly Appendages

I’ll have one of whatever he’s having! He looks like me when I’m drunk. Drunk tank, released I bet.


That is a little alcohol and a lot of meth you see by the jawing of his mouth.


He looks strangely like Karl Childers from Slingblade except with a weird twist. I’ll face the firing squad myself for saying this but, he needs to be behind bars until he can exhibit strong signs of entering our world again…..whatever that may look like I don’t even care but, he absolutely had no good intentions that night.


“Sills is not currently in custody, according to the county sheriff’s office website” what does that mean? i’m reading that more often.


Good question. I’d like to know why as well.


It means he was either released after posting bail, or was released on his own recognizance…..or maybe the county doesn’t update its website all the time and he was booked prior to an update.


All his charges were misdemeanors, must of posted bail/OR’d


No room at the Greybar Hotel. This is why this will continue, there are no consequences. I don’t know why the police even wasted time to arrest and book him, just issue him a citation like a traffic ticket.


Wow, I wouldn’t want to see that character at my door! Like watching a zombie movie!