Arroyo Grande police arrest felon out on bail

November 21, 2019

Aaron Charles Kirby


Arroyo Grande police arrested a felon on bail for drug charges, after finding him on Tuesday with methamphetamine and heroin packaged for sale.

Shortly before midnight, an officer pulled over a truck on the 100 block of S. Halcyon Road for a code violation. Officers quickly discovered the driver, 49-year-old Aaron Charles Kirby, was out on bail, following a July 8 arrest for possession of a large quantity of methamphetamine and evidence of narcotics sales.

Based on his parole status, officers searched Kirby’s truck and located approximately two ounces of methamphetamine, 13 grams of heroin packaged for sale and other evidence leading them to believe Kirby was again selling narcotics.

Officers booked Kirby into the San Luis Obispo County Jail on charges of possession of narcotics for sale, violation of parole, and for committing a felony while out on bail. His bail is set at $100,000.

fat chance

48 years old. What are the chances this guy ever learns. I would say slim to none.


Slow learner!


Nice job A.G. Police Dept. Go get the suppliers of him as well. We need to treat drug suppliers and the cartels as a deadly cancer and destroy them at every opportunity. Drugs are the root of many crimes committed against our society. Instead of legalizing and glorifying them as some want, we need to destroy every aspect of it daily.


40% of all violent crimes in the US can be directly related to alcohol consumption; 86% of murders and 60% of domestic abuse are directly related to this drug. Alcohol is predominately the first drug or choice for children, it is the most often described as a “gateway” drug leading to the use and abuse of other drugs.

My point? Why ignore this drug that best exemplifies a schedule 1 drug? One that causes more deaths then all other drugs combined and all of the above stated facts while demonizing those who use and distribute other drugs and calling for their “destruction”?

Explain it to me, please…


The last time I checked alcohol is legal. Now those who over indulged and commit violent crimes or any crimes related to alcohol and their use of it, deserve to be prosecuted to the full extent of that particular crime. I would venture to say that most who murder or commit domestic violence have other issues that trigger them which may or may not be enhanced by the use of alcohol. I know many people who have died as the result of alcohol addiction or tragic accidents related to alcohol and the personal destruction from their choice to abuse this legal vice. I do not condone the use of it. Never have, and never will.

The sale of illegal drugs such as the ones this criminal was caught with again must be eliminated. Period. If you want mud up the difference between selling illegal drugs and the abuse and over indulgence of alcohol by an individuals choice of this legal item, you have no point.


Yea, of course, but at least you illustrate it just like you should, and would!

I do have a point(s)…

I would venture that most that use illicit drugs have the same issues you refer to. The difference is one is a drug that’s socially acceptable which in turn means society has to take some of the blame for that and offer some form of path back to being a “normal” member of society, Also, your drug doesn’t have the threat of being a criminal offense just for its mere usage, illicit drugs again don’t benefit from that. I could go on about the theory of alcoholism as a disease, how the formation of AA was mostly based around that and the profits insurance companies make from alcoholism, but I won’t.

You prohibition those drugs that are harmful but choose to ignore the one which does the most harm of all them combined, why? Because it is legal. And why is it legal, and not still prohibited like it was once was? Because it is a social accepted norm in this country and world wide. It is glorified using advertising that most often depicts young, healthy, affluent adults that consume it in popular “cool” activities while subtly suggesting if you don’t you don’t fit in to any of the above mentioned. Considering this it’s a wonder it doesn’t kill 100’s of time more than all drugs combined.

Why do you think that putting simple warnings like “drink responsibly” wouldn’t work with other drugs? Do you think that responsible adults would flock to other drugs and use those “irresponsibly”, if you do, is there some proof of that? Are you suggesting that if illegal drugs were added to the list of legalized drugs there would be a large influx of new users just because they’ve become legal, if you do, is there some proof of that? Actually, there is tons of proof that wouldn’t happen (since the legalization of cannabis, which isn’t deadly nor a drug, use by teens has dropped).

The fact of the matter is that alcohol, the deadliest drug on the planet, is so ingrained in the social norm of this planet it’s deadliness is ignored and justified. The business of manufacturing, distributing and selling this deadly drug is so profitable, which means a huge tax revenue, it can’t be anything but legal. (too big to fail?) Also, IMHO illicit drugs give the government a method of deflecting on all that is wrong with it to illicit drugs, then the public takes it even further by dehumanizing even the recreational user to criminal status, this countries “untouchables”.

Read the book I suggested, it covers all aspects of the war on drugs, gives ways of stopping it, and comes to an informed and reasonable conclusion. Don’t be afraid to have your sensibilities insulted, sometimes that’s the only way we can become better informed.


Destroying the cartels is a pipe dream, it just ain’t happening. You’ve heard of “supply and demand”? Well as long as the demand for these drugs is so high in this country, where we consume about 75% of the illicit drugs on the market, and have countries south of us in abject poverty with corrupt governments, it’ll never end.

Did you hear or read about the gun fight they had in Culiacan, Mexico, where Mexican federalies had captured El Chapo’s son and then had to release him because they were overpowered by the Sinaloa cartel? If you did, that should give you a clue about “destroying” these gangsters in their own country.

I know, build that frickin’ wall, right? Not so fast; did you read about where a hole was cut in it big enough to have truck driven through it?

Here’s an interesting read by someone y’all may have heard of, someone most of you would recognize and respect ’cause you ain’t gonna believe a left leaning idiot like me…

“Drugs in America: The Case For Victory” – Vincent Bugliosi


Good morning ATF. I agree with your “supply and demand” statement and the corrupt governments south of us. No argument from me there. I did hear about, and seen the battle between the Mexican government and the Sinaloa cartel recently. As for the wall that was cut and a truck driven through it with illegal immigrants, that wall was not even close to what is being built now. Sheet metal and wire does not cut it for a secure border. We need an armed military presence along our southern border. Not to shoot and kill, but to protect and secure it. That is a right we all deserve and should expect as legal citizens of this country. There is case and justification for it at this point by your own statements.

Regarding the illicit drug market in this nation, and the addiction crisis that’s destroying many lives, we need to be much tougher in dealing with it. We are trending in the D.A. offices across this nation to not prosecute to the fullness of the law. The must be held accountable, including the D.A. offices nation wide. Stop the assault on the DEA, ICE, and other agencies involved and work with them. It is not raciest or bigoted to uphold the laws of this nation regarding illegal immigration. I have no problem with people coming to this nation legally to seek a better life, but it must be controlled through the immigration laws of this great nation.

As for you comment about being a “left leaning idiot”, I never said that and I haven’t read anyone else calling you that. Often we identify who we are ourselves not knowingly, just as you did.


The problem with prosecuting to the fullest extent of law is the law is sometimes so punishment minded that it doesn’t utilize let alone recognize the vast proof of rehabilitation and education being an actual deterrent, both to curbing those who would use for the first time and to those who are incarcerated. Mandatory minimums are a good example.

Yes, it was the old wall that was cut, but if you think it can’t happen to the new one being built you’re mistaken; it was just recently done with a battery operated reciprocating saw (sawzall) allowing people to hand contraband through to awaiting co-conspirators. Yes, the holes were smaller but the objective was the same and it was just as effective. These people have nothing better to do, it is their business we are trying to curb, and as with any motivated business person with time on their hands, and a threat to their product and its distribution, they’ll find ways to get their product to market.

I don’t disagree with your ideals on immigration, I just don’t like the fear mongering that goes on in dehumanizing these people to the point of hysteria. Putting them all in the same box not only hurts them but it hurts us. Have you read what some ICE and Border Patrol Agents are now saying about their jobs not being the ones they were hired for? How they’re hated by not only immigrants but by American citizens as well, how bad it has become under this administration? All the while illegal immigration across our southern border is down? I would also challenge you to find willing Americans to fill some of those jobs these people do. They couldn’t in Alabama when that state enacted the toughest laws on illegal immigrants in the nation, and to this day a majority of those jobs are still vacant.

No, no one has ever said I was a left-leaning idiot directly, but the innuendos, other type of insults and insulting patronization sure says it, loud and clear! I just like to use simpler words in my self-deprecation…