SLO police investigating another school shooting threat

November 23, 2019


Police are investigating a school shooting threat made at San Luis Obispo High School, the second threat of violence at a SLO school this week.

On Thursday, students discovered “school shooter” scrawled on a high school bathroom window. On Nov. 18, a Laguna Middle School student made a similar threat, with the hope that it would lead to a day off from school.

In response to the latest threat, administrators notified both parents and staff.

“SLOHS Families and Staff, This notice is to provide you with an update on the vandalism incident which occurred in the restrooms yesterday, November 21, 2019. After further investigation, we discovered previously unidentified text in smaller writing which said “school shooter”. We continue to consider this a serious incident and will continue to follow up with SLOPD to ensure student safety and a full and thorough investigation. We had a similar situation at Laguna Middle School that was resolved this week. Please let us know if you have any information regarding this incident.”


There was (is?)a thing called “swatting” where kids—usually gamers—would call the authorities on a person who beat them in some video game and make accusations that the person was a terrorist, etc.

Then, they would gleefully watch the SWAT team roll in, hope for a helicopter, flashbangs, etc. Its nothing more than a cruel hoax.

While not exactly the same, this is nothing more than a permutation of Swatting….the kids know they can get a day off if they do this.

And so they do…..but maybe some haven’t figured out how to not get caught.

Police States produce their own twisted motivations, and perverted entertainment.