Car crashes into San Luis Obispo convenience store

December 30, 2019


A San Luis Obispo convenience store closed temporarily after a person drove a Mini Cooper through the front doors of the Chevron station on Saturday and slammed into items around the cash register.

The crash occurred at about 4 p.m. at the Chevron station on the corner of Broad Street and Orcutt Road. The Mini Cooper came to a rest in the middle of the Extra Mile convince store located at the gas station, according to the San Luis Obispo Fire Department.

There were no reports of any injuries as a result of the crash. It is unclear what caused the driver to slam into the store.

Jorge Estrada

I didn’t ask, where is the cooper? Another example of Siri trying to help?


Wouldn’t it be easier to just allow drive thru’s in the city?….

Ralph Snart

Your comment wins the interwebs for the week. Great, great comment!