Garbage rates to go up 25 percent in Los Osos

December 16, 2019


Los Osos residents will be paying more for garbage collection next year if the San Luis Obispo County Board of Supervisors votes to approve a more than 25 percent increase requested by Mission Country Disposal (MCD). [Cal Coast Times]

Countywide, multiple garbage companies have requested rate increases to cover the cost of recycling with China, but while most have raised rates from 7 to 13 percent, MCD is requesting a 25.31 percent increase. Garbage companies are restricted to a 7 percent profit for their services.

In demonstrating a need for the requested rate hike, MCD reported increases of 7.5 percent for employee pay, 5.5 percent for recycling, 3.5 percent for vehicle operation and maintenance costs, and 2.7 percent for all other cost increases and pass-through costs.

County staff is recommending, if less than 50 percent of residents mailed in a written protest, the supervisors vote to approve the requested rate increase.

However, several residents are asking the board to either remove the 10 percent franchise fee added to Los Osos garbage bills, or put the garbage franchise out to bid to help a community already burdened with skyrocketing sewer and water bills.

“People are already struggling to pay their utility bills, and its bad timing to do this at the holiday season when residents are distracted,” said Julie Tacker, a 50-year resident of Los Osos.


Wastewater trumps Garbage in EVERY way.


What a business model garbage is, especially when you have forced service. Try to end your service and see what happens, or worse yet have two households try to use one larger can and split the cost, can’t do it. If you have a house that is not occupied all the time do you get a break on garbage cost, nope. Competition for your service, nope the Garbage Company has a monopoly, thanks city/county officials.


Raise the rates so that cameras can be installed on garbage trucks to take a short video of your Blue Can to see if you’re putting the wrong stuff in the recycle can.

Then, you can get a special fine! Yay! It doesn’t matter that the blue bin ends up the same place as the grey bin and that none of it gets recycled. That’s not the point.

The point is if a person breaks a rule they should pay more. Raise rates 100%. Then, a GPS could be hooked up to the camera and fines could be issued in real time! Like this!

“Refuse collection can be tricky business. Knowing that you’ve serviced a home or business is important. So is doing it productively and safely every time. 3rd Eye on-board camera systems constantly monitor your driver as well as their environment to ensure the safe operation of their vehicle. It also allows fleet owners immediate verification of service and video validation of overfilled containers – which can lead to more revenue / increased service frequency.”


Yep when ever I visit SLO …I always have to ask at family get togethers …. Which can does this go in ??? It cracks me up people pay garbage company for all the containers ….then they carefully sort the garbage then roll multiple containers to street ….then garbage company sells their recyclables for even more profit …Garbage company laughing all the way to the Dump and Bank


LOL. Recycling fee…..nothing gets recycled. Never has. But it’s a great way to make people learn a behavior in order to pretend that all that plastic gets recycled….which it doesn’t and never has.

Question: Why not raise the fees 100% Seriously. Why not? People are already so friggin’ dumb they do the blue bin….why not make them pay? What are they going to do? Revolt??