Highway 166 closed causing Central Coast heavy traffic

December 26, 2019


CHP officers closed Highway 166 from Maricopa to Highway 101 on Thursday afternoon because of poor weather conditions and multiple vehicle accidents near the intersection with Highway 33.

Officers also closed Highway 33 south of Highway 166. In addition, Interstate 5 is shuttered at the Grapevine because of snow.

As a result of the closures, heavy traffic on highways 101 and 46 is slowing down holiday travel in San Luis Obispo County. It is unclear when the highways will reopen.

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Ten , repeat ten hour drive from San Diego to SLO yesterday Dec. 26. The 101 northbound was a parking lot from Santa Barbara to Camarillo…. a disaster. Trucks pulled over on side of road just gave up. Major minivan crises seen with screaming toddlers, pullover side of road squating pit stops. In that mess only two CHP units seen for hours, both just parked on the side of the road, texting and looking at their phones.

Newberry Park to Paso five hours…So true about Camarillo to Santa Barbara a parking lot. A lot of peeing going on:-)

It was a great evening for business in Santa Margarita while seemingly the town celebrated their first traffic jam. The Hwy166 detour via Hwy 58 resulted in empty fuel tanks and OMG, full bladders! One could say that Santa Margarita had the worlds first Urine Festival.