Attorney General investigating alleged racial profiling at Cal Poly

January 13, 2020


The California Attorney General’s Office is currently investigating an alleged racial profiling incident that occurred last year at Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo. [Mustang News]

On an undisclosed date last fall, a faculty member who is not white was searched and handcuffed by university police during a traffic stop on campus.

Police searched the faculty member for weapons and placed the person in handcuffs and then released the individual without issuing a citation or providing an explanation, according to the Cal Poly Faculty Union.

The incident was initially announced in a faculty union email on Nov. 14. University administrators say they were not aware of the incident prior to receiving the email.

Cal Poly spokesman Matt Lazier said the case has now been turned over to the deputy attorney general. The university’s Office of Equal Opportunity is also investigating the case.

Officials have not released the identity of the faculty member whom campus police allegedly profiled.

History professor Lewis Call, the president of the faculty union, said the union has not released the faculty member’s name because of privacy and retribution concerns. The faculty member continues to fear being stopped again by campus police.


Let me guess, no body or dash cam footage available?


handcuffed and detained without an explanation. That’s a problem.


It is, being falsely detained and or imprisoned without just cause on average is 75k in America awarded to the victim. We all might loose on this, per usual, good old Slo county PD, some of them at least.



handcuffed and detained without an explanation. That’s a problem.

Indeed. Such an action is entirely unconstitutional, not to mention unfair, rude and uncivilized.

However, we no longer care about the Constitution, let alone follow it…..and cops of all types simply delight in enFORCING laws on people.

Couple the sociopath/psychopath mentality of cops with the horrible, cruel and freedom-killing task of Crime Prevention and it soon becomes apparent that this type of policing—-handcuffed and detained without charge or explanation—-becomes normal police work.

Get used to it. The only way to PREVENT crime is to violate all concepts of privacy and innocence. We’ve seen local police do it plenty in the last several years. We hear about such things every day, all over the country.

I’ve said it many times before: police work is 100% on the wrong track when they become PREVENTORS of crime. Prevention can only be done via commission of crime, which is precisely why police enjoy general immunity from any and all crimes committed in the course of duty.

The police will never, ever give up their power and perks. Sociopaths don’t do that. Therefore, the only thing WE, the People can do is to try to make being a cop a type of social pariah so no one joins and no one listens or believes them.

The idea of an “honest” police force is mythology. If there were such a thing as an honest cop, we’d see them arresting their fellow cops every day.


Cal poly has had; as a fact, KKK parties with nooses as decorations at AG building sights many years ago. And per any Academic Instructor there, this college has ties to racism throughout the years, as does San Luis, when racists chased away chinese citizens and destroyed their businesses in the early 1900s, one of the largest Chinese populations outside of China, and segregated blacks in schools in, ie; Atascadero and Paso Robles in the 1900s, the B building at Atascadero High has a plaque in remembrance hidden behind an AC unit. Let the racist ‘ s thumbs down commence, I’m the son of a Cal Poly Engineer grad and have had Cal Poly professors through Cuesta whom confirm this. Embrace ugly history with acknowledgment, apologies, and change with empathy. We all need to wear the guilt of our ancestors past and act with change. And saying it’s not my fault, is a cop out, especially if you inherit from it.


This type of “racial profiling” has been happening on the Cal Poly campus for many, many years but primarily to students of color. Campus PD as well as SLOPD are notorious for making “traffic stops” on people of color and performing searches without a legitimate cause (other than fabricating one). This investigation by the Attorney General is long overdue.


If the AG is involved, it’s usually pretty serious. About time agreed, Cal Poly can’t keep skirting around allowing racism as freedom of speech for the last 50 years plus. Hate Speech is a crime and leads to senseless murder, war, genocide and atrocities.


If the goal is to prevent crime on campus….IE stop crime BEFORE it can be committed….then everyone should be happy to be stopped and searched. The handcuffs are just a precaution to make the cops more safe.

There is simply no other way to PREVENT crime other than to make pre-crime an offense.

And the only way to crack down on pre-crime is to illegally search and detain eveyone/anyone for any reason.

If the faculty member doesn’t like this, they should abandon their liberal policies and start talking about individual liberty and freedom.

America has been a police state for quite a while now, and it’s getting worse. Either we are happy being treated this way, or we change the fundamental mission of police work from prevention of crime to investigation of crime AFTER a crime has been committed.

There is no middle ground. You’re either innocent until proven guilty or you’re potentially guilty and must be stopped.

Get used to it folks. Oh….don’t forget to lick their shoes and thank them profusely when you’re the target of law enFORCEment.


Nailed it, Doc…couldn’t have said it better!


I call BS. Let’s hear the rest of the story.


Unfortunately Paul Harvey died long ago.

It seems like a plausible story, and a familiar circumstance that others have attested to overs the years.

Given this; what sets off the old “BS Meter” for you? Desire for it not to be true is the best reason I can think of.


Laftch is right; whatever your viewpoint, details on this story are way too lean.


You must not be a local then, or if you are didn’t go to school here in SLO county or College here, as it teaches “local history”. I’m 5th generation, and this counties factual history of racism, including Poly, is as real as the KKK and white supremacy terrorism that seems to happen WEEKLY in the USA. If you aren’t local, refrain from speaking feelings.


How are you going to get the rest of the story unless someone investigates?