Cayucos Sanitary District set to pay manager $216,000 a year

January 16, 2020


The Cayucos Sanitary District Board is planning to make their contract general manager an employee with a salary of $216,000 a year plus benefits at their Thursday board meeting.

Since 2012, General Manager Rick Koon has worked under a private consultant contract. As a contract employee, Koon received hourly wages, but no benefits. Under the current plan, Koon’s total compensation is slated to increase by more than 40 percent.

As an employee, Koon will work 32-hours per week supervising five employees and overseeing the coordination of construction of the new wastewater facility project, slated to begin operating in mid-2020.

Other compensation in the contract provides for mileage reimbursement, 20 days paid vacation, medical, dental, vision and retirement benefits totaling nearly $100,000 a year.

While the Cayucos Sanitary District is smaller than most local districts, the proposed general manager annual salary is higher. For example, the Los Osos Community Services District general manager’s salary is $150,000, Cambria Community Services District general manager’s salary is $155,000, and Oceano Community Services District’s general manager’s salary is $170,000.

At their 5 p.m. meeting on Thursday, the Cayucos Sanitary District Board is scheduled to discuss and vote on approving Koon’s employment contract.


Over $1,000.00 a day, come on folks rocket scientists don’t even make that much.


That kind of money just puts more of a burden on the taxpayers of Cayucos, they are going to get higher bills for sanitation and then add this on to it, that doesn’t seem right, if he was so good at what he has done then leave him at that rate, with this kind of money going to him he could afford to pay his own benefits.


too bad Mr. Koon didn’t apply for the GM job at Cambria Community Service District – instead they hired GM with no experience


Normally I would agree with most of the negative comments, but in this case, commentators are way off the mark!

Rick Koon would be a bargain at twice the price!!!

When you look at the job he’s done for Cayucos, the tens of millions he’s saved the citizens on just the sewer plant, not counting all the other things he’s done for the districts infrastructure, you’d be clamoring to pay him what he’s worth too!!!

Don’t get the term bureaucrat and superstar mixed up, this guy is the real deal:)


You may be correct, BG, in that a rough brief look at plant costs Cayucos vs. Morro Bay (somewhat a technological apples to apples comparison) makes Cayucos appear to be doing better, however……working just 32 hours/four days is simply too sweet and too limiting, too governmental of a give-away. The country works five-day weeks mostly and government jobs should NOT be the leader in giveaways and featherbedding.

hold it what

Yeah! Even with that salary he will barely be able to make ends meet in this county. Lol


Just as you Boldguy, are entitled to your opinion, so are the likes of everyone else in this forum. That being said, I don’t think ANY of the commentators are “way off the mark”! Instead, I think it’s painstakingly obvious the consensus here unfortunately is not leaning in your direction. Maybe stating that YOU have the facts, and saying that the other 22 “commentators are way off the mark” is your way of trying to convince yourself of the ludicrousness you’re writing. Either that or…..will the REAL Mr. Koon, please stand up? Are you related possibly? LOL I mean SERIOUSLY?! That’s just like me saying to someone…..Hey! I just bought a car for 100 thousand dollars and look I got ALL the bells and whistles & someone telling me that I could’ve gotten the SAME EXACT CAR WITH THE SAME EXACT STUFF but for HALF the amount of money and me telling them…..Nah, I’m good!




I mean, why not make it 261k? It’s just money.


Why so much? Overseeing 5 employees? I’ll do it for $150K.


To be fair, there is additional expertise needed to manage the construction of the Water Treatment Plant. Having said that, 32 hours in exchange for that compensation is a bit low regardless.


“While the Cayucos Sanitary District is smaller than most local districts, the proposed general manager annual salary is higher.”

Well, who the Hell could possibly argue with THAT kind of logic?

“… a salary of $216,000 a year plus benefits…” Hey, it’s a tough job, but by God, SOMEBODY’S got to do it, right?

At some point, folks, this whole damn fantasy world is going to come crashing down, and it ain’t gonna be pretty.


I sure hope so, panflash. I sure hope so.


The CalPERS retirement system is already actuarially bankrupt. You’re correct; It won’t be pretty when near-mid-six-figure Cadillac gold-plated retirement benefits start to be cut for firefighters and LE retirees.