Cayucos Sanitary District set to pay manager $216,000 a year

January 16, 2020


The Cayucos Sanitary District Board is planning to make their contract general manager an employee with a salary of $216,000 a year plus benefits at their Thursday board meeting.

Since 2012, General Manager Rick Koon has worked under a private consultant contract. As a contract employee, Koon received hourly wages, but no benefits. Under the current plan, Koon’s total compensation is slated to increase by more than 40 percent.

As an employee, Koon will work 32-hours per week supervising five employees and overseeing the coordination of construction of the new wastewater facility project, slated to begin operating in mid-2020.

Other compensation in the contract provides for mileage reimbursement, 20 days paid vacation, medical, dental, vision and retirement benefits totaling nearly $100,000 a year.

While the Cayucos Sanitary District is smaller than most local districts, the proposed general manager annual salary is higher. For example, the Los Osos Community Services District general manager’s salary is $150,000, Cambria Community Services District general manager’s salary is $155,000, and Oceano Community Services District’s general manager’s salary is $170,000.

At their 5 p.m. meeting on Thursday, the Cayucos Sanitary District Board is scheduled to discuss and vote on approving Koon’s employment contract.


216G’s a year minus taxes would be at best 13k a month? Most realtors in Cayucos would barely get out of bed in the morning for that —

Jorge Estrada

It has nothing to do with the population, it is the poopulation and the high cost of everything in Cayucos that runs up the budgets.


You have to laugh that those in charge think this job is worth $315,000.00+ in total compensation! For Cayucos!


That’s like football coach money, for such a crappy job, it just doesn’t make sense.


If supposedly this ridiculous salary is needed because additional expertise is needed to manage the construction of the Water Treatment Plant, how about hire someone special just for that project on a contract basis. When the project is done the salary needed just to run the department would be much lower and the district won’t be paying a salary for expertise no longer needed.


I just thought it would be worthwhile to share my pragmatic view:)

Rick Koon has saved the citizens of Cayucos at least $25,000,000 in sewer(not joining Morro Bay’s boondoggle) plant costs, probably another $3,000,000 in construction management costs, that doesn’t include the other cost savings on existing infrastructure maintenance and replacement projects!


That’s amazing that Koon has SINGLE HANDEDLY accomplished all that you’ve written about. I’m sure the Cayucos Sanitary board had absolutely no hand in any of those monumental, community decisions. And, the Sanitary maintenance department staff, outside contractors, and various consultants had no effect, input, or professional aid in these accomplishments whatsoever either, correct?


Yes the Cayucos Board has done a fantastic job, not only of managing the District in the best interest of the ratepayers, but also in acquiring competent personnel and retaining them:) If you actually compared what Morro Bay has spent on Staff, Engineering and Project Management to date, with little to show for it, you’d probably understand the point I’m trying to make:)

hold it what

Sounds like he did an excellent job. He was paid right?, I mean to do a good job.

There are many people that get hired to do a job and do it well.

I think it is fantastic that he saved us all that money, I think we can now think about getting our fire department back and maybe, just maybe get our trash bills back down to where they were before we were mandated to start paying for, green waste, cans that are either practically empty every week or not put out for pick up cause people just don’t use them, what a farse that one is.

Or maybe we should start thinking like you Mr. Boldguy, let’s find ways to get Cayucos to cost more money so that we can quickly spend any money that was saved, after all it’s just money, right? And any savings must be spent so that Cayucos can say, we don’t have any money so we are going to have raise property taxes, beach taxes, living in a small community taxes, just about any kind of taxes as long we get to raise something to pay for something else, especially if the something else is saving us money and keeping our cost of living down to a barely being able to make ends meet level.