Grover Beach council supports Oceano fire tax

January 7, 2020


Despite opposition from some residents, the Grover Beach City Council voted Monday night to endorse a tax measure in Oceano that would keep the South County community a part of the Five Cities Fire Authority. [KSBY]

With Oceano struggling to pay its share of Five Cities Fire Authority costs, a tax measure has been placed on the March 3 ballot. If approved, the initiative would add $15 a month to property tax bills in Oceano and would raise an estimated $422,000 annually.

If rejected, it is likely Oceano will leave the fire authority, and San Luis Obispo County will take over providing fire services to the community.

Since 2010, the Oceano Community Services District has been served by the Five Cities Fire Authority through a joint powers agreement with the cities of Arroyo Grande and Grover Beach. Over the course of the past decade, the fire authority has experienced financial challenges.

Recently, the fire authority closed its Oceano station several times due to lack of funding and subsequent staffing shortages.

On Monday night, the Grover Beach City Council adopted a resolution in support of the Oceano fire tax. Next week, the Arroyo Grande City Council is expected to consider adopting a similar resolution.

A two thirds vote is required for the Oceano fire tax to pass.

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Why would Grover Beach and Arroyo Grande meddle in Oceano’s business? To save their own assess of course. Oceano’s contribution elevate$ their own.

The FACT is 71% of the children in Oceano Elementary are eligible for Free and Reduced lunch. Why would they vote to pay $180 a year for a fire tax before they pay to feed their own kids?

Mind your own business GB and AG!

Pretty simple. Just vote No.

Of course the council supports the 5CFA, Mayor Lee never has a concern when it comes to spending other peoples money? Why not ask the residents if they support it first before just assuming they do?

That is exactly what they are doing with the initiative—having citizens vote on it.

The article references; tax measures twice, the initiative once, and closes with the 2/3 vote requirement to pass it.

Which begs the question; do you read before you rant?