SLO County citizens plan March for Justice

January 7, 2020

By CCT Staff

A group of San Luis Obispo County residents is holding a march to demand justice in San Luis Obispo County, according to the following press release.

March for Justice press release:

Join us as we march to demand justice in San Luis Obispo County on January 14 at 3 p.m. at the courthouse on Monterey Street. Join our cry for justice, truth and transparency.

Our March for Justice is focused on seven cases of injustice propagated by law enforcement, social workers, prosecutors and/or local judges.

Government employees regularly fight to withhold evidence that will show they have fabricated the facts. Appearing to be more concerned with their win rate than justice, prosecutors fight to withhold evidence that supports the accused, transparency and truth.

Even if the truth comes out in court, our local judges and the District Attorney’s Office refuse to prosecute law enforcement, government employees, witnesses and lawyers who lie in court. There is no justice in a judicial system that turns a blind eye to perjury and other crimes committed by goverment employees and officials.

Four examples of injustice in SLO County:

After more than 30 years working as a security guard, Eugene Haugh knew proper procedures. In July 2017 he found a woman, who had been arrested and ordered to stay off the Irish Hills Plaza property a month earlier, panhandling in the parking lot. He called the police department and detained her for the 45 minutes it took police to arrive.

Haugh discovered the woman had become a confidential informant for the police following her earlier arrest. Police then destroyed or lost the record of her earlier arrest.

Without interviewing Haugh about the trespasser’s allegations, officer Josh Walsh asked the District Attorney’s Office to charge Haugh with kidnapping and assault based on the pan handler’s account. Prosecutors complied.

In court, Officer Walsh perjured himself claiming the earlier trespass arrest never occurred, but the security company had a copy of the earlier arrest report, which was also made by Officer Walsh. Following Officer Walsh’s perjury, and the disclosure of the earlier arrest report, the jury found Haugh innocent.

However, neither the judge nor the district attorney’s office took action against Officer Walsh for his perjury, a felony in California. When social workers, law enforcement officers, or employees of the District Attorney’s Office lie in court, our judges and prosecutors need to take action.

In Feb. 2018, a 911 caller reported an elderly man was being assaulted by two young men. Officers arrived, misidentified 66-year-old Dane Senser as a man with multiple arrests, and told the employer of the two young furniture movers not to worry, they would have no problems.

“Under a recommendation by the police department, the District Attorney’s Office then filed assault charges against Senser, who was taken to the hospital by ambulance. The two young men had no injuries.

While Senser’s public defender made more than a dozen motions to get evidence including officer camera tapes and the audio recordings of the 911 calls, the prosecutor fought each attempt. After severalmonths, the prosecution released a small portion of the tapes, which showed the officer’s poor behavior.

After the defense saw the tapes, prosecutors dropped all charges.

Instead of using taxpayer monies to fight the release of evidence, our District Attorney’s Office should support truth, transparency and justice. How many people have pleaded guilty to avoid the possibility of jail time, when the evidence would have proved their innocence?

Cheyne Orndoff and Vanessa Bedroni, the couple caught up in the search for the gun that San Luis Obispo Police Chief Deanna Cantrell lost in a restaurant bathroom, were charged with felony child neglect based on a blood test that was possibly misinterpreted by social workers and the District Attorney’s Office.

This is in addition to a warrantless search that occurred because the District Attorney’s Office mistakenly listed Orndoff, the victim in another case, as on probation.

While Orndoff and Bedroni’s preliminary hearing was originally set for October, it has been repeatedly delayed while the defense seeks a review of the blood test and copies of police officer recordings and records. At each hearing, the prosecutor has argued against providing evidence to the defense, and the couple’s preliminary hearing has been delayed.

In order to promote justice, the District Attorney’s Office should stop fighting disclosure of evidence, and the judges should insist on transparency.

In September, two police officers responded to a false report of a possible burglary at a residence on Santa Rosa Street. While on the property, Officer Josh Walsh began cursing at resident Riley Manford, because he was afraid of her dog. Another officer told Walsh to calm down, but Officer Walsh shot and killed Manford and Nick Regalia’s dog.

The SLO Police Department later reported that the dog had charged Officer Walsh, who drew his weapon and fired to protect himself. Manford and Regalia want the public to know the truth, but the department has fought several legal attempts to see officer body camera videos of the shooting.

While the SLO Police Department regularly releases recordings that support the department, generally when they refuse to give up records, it is because the recordings show bad behavior by officers. All police camera video recordings of interactions with citizens should be public in support of justice and public safety.

These are just four examples of injustices, but there are many more. Please walk with us in our March for Justice on January 14 from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. at 1050 Monterey Street in San Luis Obispo.

For more information about the march, call Nick Regalia at 707-227-8060.


In 2015 I was falsely arrested handcuffed after making a 911 call to the Grover Beach Polce officer John Goodman. After an ex-lapd officer poison my dog I believe the Grover Beach police protected this man. There was body cam on officer Goodman that would have never allowed this case to go forward but instead they use taxpayers money for two-year trial. They wanted me to lie and I just did not go back to court as I knew I was set up. It would have put me in jail for something I never did it was no evidence and there were no Witnesses. They use the woman that lived at my complex to make an interview on Kcoy but KSBY local news channel wouldn’t touch this. Why? Last Karen from Cal Coast was being sued so she could not go to the courtroom. Matt Matt Fountain never showed up yet they put this in their news. Unbelievable. Just think of how many people plead guilty and could even be dead.

hold it what

Unfortunately one march will not do the trick, and it has become a trick to get our justice system back to where it should be. The DA is only concerned about winning, anyway it can, the pursuit of justice is now lost in our justice department, The DA, it is now about how many wins they can get within the calendar year to show their bosses what a good job they are doing. What should be happening is that the DA should be held to higher bar than the defense, if the DA is found to be holding back or falsifying evidence to make their case stick, they should have fines with possible jail time and disbarment depending on the severity of the crime, because in my eyes it is a crime to falsely accuse anybody including in court by the DA who is supposed to stand for Justice for the people. It should part of the DA job description to bring forth any evidence that might exonerate the accused as well as evidence to convict. Instead we have a justice system that unless you have a lot of money, criminals like the Walches, both Josh and susie, can invent charges, walk all over the fourth amendment, and straight out lie in court, and get away with it because the DA will back them up, and they know it, my only hope for justice is that maybe the judges are not in on it too. Who wants to bet on the judges being fair? Lol

We need marches for justice every month, and those that attend the marches need to bring at least one more person to the following March until we get everybody aware of what is going on, people don’t become aware, otherwise, until they get f’d over by our justice system and for the most part, they are just forgotten because they do not get any coverage on the news, I’ll bet for every injustice that you hear about, there are a hundred, that you don’t hear about.

Anyway, our justice system makes sick, our SLO police chief, makes me sick, those police men/women that are supposed to be peace officers but instead are thugs with badges, make me sick, and DAs, that hold back evidence and know that there is evidence that has been falsified and keep trying to prosecute, make me sick, and if there are judges that know this is going on and are part of the problem then it just seems futile, doesn’t it?

I know, I went too long, I apologize,

March on!!! For justice, keep the peace and mostly be good to one another.

Thank you


I’ve heard this fellow’s name (Josh Walsh) a lot lately, anyone got a photo of him? I wouldn’t recognize him.

Che Guevera

Finally the time has come to “Resist” , STOP the local Corruption, Dirty Dishonest Cops, Judges,Prosecutors, now we all have the chance to DEMAND and Force Real Justice.

Bring your signs, Helmets, Water Bottles to clean your eyes when they Shot you with Tear Gas, Pepper Spray, Wear Thick Jackets for the Rubber Bullets, Hong Kong is our San Luis Obispo, stand up against ” Jack Booted Thugs” Students, Locals, those coming from San Francisco bring tents to camp on the Court Lawns and demand fair and honest Justice with open transparency support those who are Victims of the UN-equal one sided Justice for the rich and privileged .

Homeless come one come all and support the first ever ” Protest and March for Justice” walk softly but carry a BIG Stick……………

Vivi Reveloution


Amen to that!

Last Individual

I don’t see how Jumpy Josh can possibly remain a viable cop. Any prosecutor who tries to use him as a witness is going to have to face the potential that the defense will use the documented record of the Eugene Hough case to show that his word cannot be trusted. In fact, I would think that the Eugene Hough case record could be used in appeals overturn past cases in which JJ testified.


You vote and reelect these people into office and now your outraged by their actions? I cannot speak for the Sheriffs dept, however keep in mind the SLO PD along with the rest of the cities serve at the pleasure of the City manager who is directed by the council members. It starts there with regard to getting rid of the bad element within. You wanna oust Cantrell and her dog killer start with city hall and bring your pitch forks. Your decades of passive, Kumbaya, cant we all just get along ideology is getting you no where.


I think the media Cal Coast the Tribune they need to be accountable also by not posting everything that the police department’s put out to them. Media needs to also show up in court and see if these accusations are true because I was all over the news before I was even booked which was a total miscarriage of Justice. Yes the judge knew what she was doing in my case Hon R Federman