Grover Beach pot shop runs dance studio out of business

January 16, 2020


The Coastal Dance and Music Academy in Grover Beach announced they are shutting down in February because of issues with Natural Healing Center, a recreational marijuana shop.

After Natural Healing Center purchased the property where the dance studio operates, it offered to pay to move the studio, according to the owners of the dance studio (CDMA). Natural Healing Center planned to transform the complex into all cannabis related businesses.

“Three years ago, when Natural Healing Center (NHC) and partners began the process of buying the buildings of which we are a part, they told us at our first meeting with them of their plans to turn the area into a cannabis campus,” according to the dance studio’s website. “Knowing CDMA has a lease through April of 2030, they said that they would move us, it would be seamless, cost neutral, and it would be an equal or better facility.

“A week later, at our second meeting, they threatened that if we didn’t relocate, they would run us out of business. No viable proposal was ever provided to CDMA to relocate. It is now three years later, and unfortunately, they have succeeded at what they threatened.”

Over the past three years, concerns over operating a dance studio next to a pot shop and issues with the city and Natural Healing Center resulted in a loss of students, “to the point that simply makes it financially impossible to continue in business,” according to CDMA.

“As Natural Healing Center and partners never offered a viable and cost neutral option for us to relocate, we had no choice but to remain where we are and to pursue legal options,” according to CDMA. “Unfortunately, getting to trial can take years, and the marijuana operation is well funded and delaying – even refusing to meet and/or mediate.

“We are determined to see this through, but tragically CDMA cannot continue in business. We will forever cherish the time that we had together and will miss you dearly. We wish for you all the best that life has to offer.”

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I’m a bit confused. Who’s telling the truth here?

Why does CCN continually post negative stories about Helios Dayspring, Natural Healing Center and his related entities?

How could CCN post a story questioning Mr Dayspring’s ethics ( ) when that very afternoon he proclaimed SLO County verified no false claims were made by those who came forward (to declare previous cannabis cultivation); that the county is protecting the legitimate operators (of which he is one –with many, many cultivation sites throughout the county); and that the county was keeping the process honest!! (Time stamp 4:58:05 )

It’s hard to believe that a person who gives turkeys to the homeless and Easter goodies to the kiddies, wouldn’t keep his word to assist the dance studio he displaced.

I’m confused…..and can’t wait for the next story to break

Hey! What happened to all the votes up?

Come on, give the guy a break! Maybe you don’t realize how complicated it is to be the leader of cannabis in this county. (If you want an idea, just click on the word “Search”, between “Employment” and “Tips”, above in the header; and type in Dayspring) Just sayin’

You are getting downvoted because you are full of it. Wow, he gives turkeys to the homeless? Big deal! Organized crime bosses the world over often give to charities to make themselves look good. A little show for charity means nothing. I’m sure it is complicated to be running a drug ring on the wrong side fo the law while ruthlessly driving legitimate businesses out of the area.

While I’m not condoning NHC’s behavior here, I would note that if you look at Yelp reviews for CDMA, three of its four most recent reviews—within the last two years—give the studio a very low rating. It may be that this place has run its course and is no longer well run. I’m quite certain they would have relocated if it was such a profitable studio.

If the politicians of Grover Beach had no qualms about the graft they received, then I doubt that the Dance academy being destroyed would even be a thought to them:(

Grover Beach changed it’s name from Grover City some years back, maybe the could change it again, to Biffville, like in Back to the Future 2!!!

The City gave them a permanent use permit, but it became inconvenient….so was a 30-year lease. Shameful behavior. It will be decades before the honest people of Grover Beach – those who started and ran businesses in their home town – trust the City again. It may be never, now that felon Helios Dayspring and the other dispensary felons own Grover Beach. Go to to listen to last night’s District Three election debate. Adam Hill referred to “my people on the Grover Beach Council.” Listen carefully – he will tell you what he’s really doing. He told us he owns the Council. Lots wrong with this picture.

I’m hearing that there are others running against the Sups that are up for reelection but i haven’t heard about anyone running against this turd hill, please tell me someone will run.

The dope sellers are using the same thuggish tactics that they used back when it was an illegal business. Nothing has changed. It is despicable that they are driving out legitimate businesses that positively impact the communication to build their sleazy drug compound where potheads can get stoned out of their minds.

Easy fix!

The Dance studio must open some accounts for county officials in the Cayman Islands. 50k or so each will do for now.

Then, the Dance studio must spread a half million around in the form of donations, locally.

But the real clincher is to bribe state officials who can tell the local officials what to do.

Easy. 2 million max. If they don’t do this they need to find dancers with more money and charge way, way more for dance lessons so they can. Representation isn’t cheap.

The Dance Studio is under capitalized, obviously. That’s the bane of all small business.

Im surprised Grover’s politicians haven’t yet built a preschool next to the dregs of society pot shop.Grover city was once a nice little beach community. Now its a crack head shithole with nothing to offer its citizens other than the ocean which was already there. 30 years of BS’ing about a civic center or hotel. Maybe they need more rainbow colored bricks at the intersections to liven the place up. What in the hell do these people think when comes to what every city wants more of …money?. Guess if you cant attract any legitimate family friendly business’es then drug pushers are next best thing.

You obviously have no clue how much the tax revenue; millions annually, new business, new lifestyle for many people, new access to medicine for the ill, and a beautiful building benefit Grover. Dance studios shut down all the time, it’s a tough business, i see it in Atascadero and Slo. One I attended for swing on Broad shut down. You seem to have a bias towards marijuana, and that’s ok. I can’t smoke anymore given my line of work, but NHC is a beautiful ending to the long, ignorant criminalization of marijuana now legal. They are a great business. I would see when I went people from Cal Poly, to groups of men and women in their 70s being educated practically academically on their thousands of products, truly a cultural diverse mix, was heartwarming for me. And your description of Grover is rediculous, so is your choice of diction; your diction is as you put it “the talk of a crackhead shit hole”. Mellow out, go visit NHC, and don’t be so quick to judge, or do, it’ll bite you in the end, or your anger will end you up someplace, probably not good. As I’ve said before too, your posts are usually bias, without data or facts, just whinning.

Well, now, let’s stop for a moment and consider which is more important to a community and its young people- dance and music, or smokin’ dope?

Economically a dispensary, and caters to thousands more people and brings thousands more together in one space. And culturally, NHC has more going for it, you have international herbiculture and history there dating back a long time. So, they’ll have to dance elsewhere, alot of places to rent less far out there too.