Harrison resigns from SLO County Planning Commission

January 3, 2020

Jim Harrison


Shortly after declining a Nipomo Citizen of the Year award, Jim Harrison resigned from the San Luis Obispo County Planning Commission.

Community members have voiced outrage over a group of Facebook posts Harrison shared which were highly critical of Islam or linked Democrats to Nazis. Harrison, who served as Supervisor Lynn Compton’s planning commissioner, shared memes that included House Speaker Nancy Pelosi dressed up as a Nazi official and another Facebook post stating, “America needs to shut down all mosques and ban Islam.”

On Friday, Compton announced she was in the process of selecting a new planning commissioner.


Fyi, to state facts to the alarmists on all sides here trying to get a rise from people out of anger. Parodying of Nazism can and is linked to antisemitism and terrorism; and should be taken very seriously, as many people have been murdered a week ago, a month ago, and years ago. Freedom of Speech has ethical guidliness, and comparing people to Genocidal Ideologies is Not ok and proposed illegal under This current administration. To anyone defending parody of Nazism is at risk of a Federal crime. Like shouting Fire in a movie theater. And CCN has an obligation to report posts here to proper authorities. Hence this individuals resignation.


FREEDOM OF SPEECH HAS ETHICAL GUIDELINES. You must be from outer space. Let me guess. You are going to decide what the ethical guidelines are?


Good riddance to a bad apple. I see he has much company from the posts here.

This cretin has every right to spout out with his dumb vitriol (oh, too big a word for you rednecks? It means mean ranting). But we have every right to have a decent human with decent values as our person of the year, and on the planning commission. I only wish he hadn’t quit, like that old crook Nixon did, but instead was thrown out like what was going to happen (just like with tricky Dick).

By the way Nancy is third in line for the Presidency, I hope #one and two either get kicked out or resign so we can have some decent governing in our country.



No one is all good or all bad:

Richard Milhous Nixon (January 9, 1913 – April 22, 1994) was the 37th president of the United States, serving from 1969 until 1974. The nation’s 36th vice president from 1953 to 1961, he came to national prominence as a representative and senator from California. After five years in the White House that saw the conclusion to the U.S. involvement in the Vietnam War, and the establishment of the Environmental Protection Agency, he became the only president to resign from the office.

So sorry that your dreams of impeachment and removal will never be realized with 45.

Your Trump Derangement Syndrome is clouding your perspective.

Are you a Bernie or Biden boy?


Only 27 net downvotes so far? I thought there were more crazies out there. Those who can’t stand the truth and who like bigoted officials, come on, stand up, vote me down some more. Show the world how many dysfunctional (too big a word for you?) folks we have around here. Gimme some more down votes.

I was very disappointed many years ago to miss out on Nixon’s enemies list, hopefully I’ll make it to trumps version.


In all sincerity, are you “all-there”, or are your posts intentional attempts at parody?


I think you should get the award and stay as commissioner ..you have a right to your satire ..remove all the left crybabies


Parody of Nazism and the glorification of antisemitism and genocide is NOT freedom of speech.


Proud of you exercising your freedom of speech…Sad you are around to many that are taking away our freedoms… don’t let them do it ,they say terrible things and they keep their freedom of speech .we should be able to also!! I loved your truth photos


I’m sad you think impersonating mass murderers and genocide is funny, given the recent domestic terrorist murders of people of Judaism by White Supremacists who belive what you state.


Who said mass murder or genocide is funny and what does that have to do other Mr. Harrison’s? I’m sad that you tell others what their thinking. But you have the right to do so as long as it meets CCN terms of service.


Interesting how CalCoast News waited until this idiot resigned before reporting on his abhorrent Facebook postings. Usually CalCoast News are the first to blast local politicians behaving badly. What took you so long?


Hill, Gibson,that janitor lady and a few others I can think of are idiots as you put it. Jim has the balls to speak his honest opinion and not bow down to some politically correct schmoozing line of bull shit intended at personal gains of power and dollars while screwing everyone else.


I feel badly for Mr Harrison. He did not understand that his perceptions of Democrat tyranny ( which many local Democrats feel) could not be paired with Nazism. The progressives do have fascist socialist tendencies, including intolerance and hate for political adversaries. But using those who murdered tens of millions was a bit too far. When the progresso-fascists call Republicans Nazi’s, there will be no outrage. The world is not fair. But that’s always been the case. For now, the fascists control California. But not forever.



You are spot on. If democrats did not have double standards, they would have no standards at all.

California has lost its Golden luster.

I will pray that it is restored soon.

Francesca Bolognini

Or you might want to relocate to one of those more “lustrous” red states. You know the ones. They have to get more money back than they put in to the Fed, often by more than double, just to stay afloat. But I’m sure you’ll think of a way to make that the other “team’s” fault. If you guys could grow up and stop pretending CSPAN is ESPN, perhaps we could get off of acting like everything is someone else’s fault and get rid of the corruption on BOTH sides of your little game.


uh, OK? About the fifth sentence, the wheels came off the bus pal.




Sounds like he’s right to me.


Why not resign first, and then be the private citizen you want to be?


It doesn’t work that way, Calzonian. Once you touch the third, electrified rail of outspoken conservative speech, especially something arguably over the top, you are ostracized for your opinion and excommunicated into oblivion FORTHWITH.



Don’t cry for Harrison (Avita the mysical) you will still be paying for his pension.


Of course, it’s okay if a democrat makes similar posts as they relate to christians and/or a Republican leader.


So very true S_S_B.

Francesca Bolognini

It was not a Democrat making the statements. I public servant, being paid by us to serve us, has no business making over the top hate speech comments in public. He is representing our government, all The People. Not just the ones who go to his church. This is America. Freedom of religion is guaranteed.


So is Freedom of Speech


How much does a planning commissioners get paid? How much is the pension? I thought they did it as a service to the public. Maybe, I should apply for such a lucrative speech limiting positions.