Planning commissioner gives up Nipomo Citizen of the Year award

January 3, 2020


Amid outrage over Facebook posts highly critical of Islam and linking Democrats to Nazis, San Luis Obispo County Planning Commissioner Jim Harrison has turned down the Nipomo Citizen of the Year award he was previously slated to receive.

The South San Luis Obispo County Chamber of Commerce named Harrison citizen of the year, but following outrage over memes Harrison shared on Facebook, the organization’s board met on Thursday to consider rescinding the award. Shortly prior to the meeting, Harrison informed the Chambers of Commerce he would decline the honor.

Harrison, who serves as Supervisor Lynn Compton’s planning commissioner, shared memes that included House Speaker Nancy Pelosi dressed up as a Nazi official and another Facebook post stating, “America needs to shut down all mosques and ban Islam.”


In response, numerous local groups accused Harrison of Islamophobia, anti-Semitism and hate speech and called for the citizen of the year award to be revoked, as well as for Harrison to resign from the planning commission.

Harrison issued an apology and later either deleted his Facebook page or made it private.

It is unclear if Harrison is considering resigning from the planning commission. Supervisor Compton has not commented publicly about Harrison’s status as her planning commissioner.



She is a politician, and one that has earned such a posting. The hypocritical left just wait to pounce on such, to twist it around and stifle free speech… Maybe they should have another march and protest free speech, or perhaps just take a look around at their next rally, and see what a bunch of douches they have become….


Personally, I enjoy bigot’s exercising their free speech rights. They are much easy to identify that way.

I was unaware that the hypocritical left included the Chamber of Commerce.

Could it be that exposing un-american positions regarding religion, and alienating half the electorate (community) is not what those leftist on the Chamber wanted in a Community Citizen of the year?


If you’re into banning a religion then you’re anti-American.


Now if this guy had portrayed Pelosi with shaggy hair and a beard like Marx, or a bald head and steely glare like Lenin, or even a red jacket like Mao, he would have been OK and still gotten his point across. But I do believe that for any thinking American, Nazis are off limits when it comes to comparisons. To portray Pelosi and progressives as Nazis is also a misreading of history. Nazis were in league and were condoned by industrialists and big business in Germany at the time. Isn’t the progressive goal just the opposite?

Francesca Bolognini

Hate speech should NEVER be rewarded, no matter who is spewing it. Most especially from a government official, setting one group of Americans against another. We have entirely too much of that crap happening in America already. E PLURIBUS UNEM. If someone takes office, they represent and serve ALL Americans. I think many of them need to be reminded of that, as do most of the anonymous dudes who post here.


Okay, so Dems get to say [and do] whatever they want with no consequences but opposed viewpoints are not tolerated.

This is how they force out the good guys and replace with their ilk.


So whatever happened to free (if controversial or a bit over the top) speech?

Shouldn’t resign and shouldn’t be invalidated in a position of property and land use issues (Planning Commission) just because he appears to feel that the speaker of the house abused the Constitution and elections process with a bogus impeachment procedure and result, and this private citizen responded to the Speaker’s WAY over the top excesses with an over the top posting?


I’m guessing that Big Jim is just a few steps ahead of those who have had enough. I’ll bet his pension is fully funded.

I learned to look that stuff up here.


Folks I think we are in trouble when the thought Police are controlling peoples lives and words ….George Orwell thoughts from the grave ????


Good Stuff no apologies are needed !!!!!!!!!