Salud Carbajal cancels debate, declines other offers

January 30, 2020

Congressman Salud Carbajal


Congressman Salud Carbajal recently backed out of one debate and has declined multiple requests to participate in public forums with his opponent Andy Caldwell.

Several months ago, KYET scheduled a debate between the two congressional candidates during the first week of February. Last week, Carbajal canceled his acceptance, because he is too busy, Caldwell said.

“All he is doing is campaigning,” Caldwell said. “Carbajal doesn’t see participating in a debate as a duty or obligation to the voters.”

And there may not be another chance for the public to hear the candidates discuss issues. Carbajal has declined requests to participate in debates from both the Santa Maria Times and the Santa Maria Chamber of Commerce.

Santa Maria Chamber of Commerce President Glenn Morris said he is hoping to schedule a debate before the March 3 primary election.

“At this point, we anticipate scheduling an event prior to the general election and will reach out much earlier to maximize the potential for finding mutually open dates,” Morris said.

Carbajal did not return requests for comment.



Supervisor Salud Carbajal … Carbajal and his wife previously had three federal tax liens filed against them, as well as two … He also has between $15,001 and $50,000 of student loan debt from 1994.


You didn’t mention between 35k and 80k in credit card debt, but if this makes him a “deadbeat” then many Americans qualify for that label. I also believe he has paid back the three tax liens. Having debt, or even filing bankruptcy, does not disqualify someone for public office. If that were true, King Trump would not be sitting in the White House.


Salud – I thought you were a better person than this! If you do not have the cajones to debate your opponent – then you have lost my vote. Get out there a grow a pair!

Any candidate for any office should be more than willing to defend his or hers position on issues vital to their constituents in a public debate – not just in campaign literature.


The general election is still 10 months away so give him a chance. It is highly unusual for candidates from different parties to debate prior to a primary.


he has no reason to do so. he doesn’t have to campaign at all. there is no competition for votes in his district.


Salud figured why bother with those North County rednecks when his SLO and Santa Barbara bases will carry the day.