Salud Carbajal cancels debate, declines other offers

January 30, 2020

Congressman Salud Carbajal


Congressman Salud Carbajal recently backed out of one debate and has declined multiple requests to participate in public forums with his opponent Andy Caldwell.

Several months ago, KYET scheduled a debate between the two congressional candidates during the first week of February. Last week, Carbajal canceled his acceptance, because he is too busy, Caldwell said.

“All he is doing is campaigning,” Caldwell said. “Carbajal doesn’t see participating in a debate as a duty or obligation to the voters.”

And there may not be another chance for the public to hear the candidates discuss issues. Carbajal has declined requests to participate in debates from both the Santa Maria Times and the Santa Maria Chamber of Commerce.

Santa Maria Chamber of Commerce President Glenn Morris said he is hoping to schedule a debate before the March 3 primary election.

“At this point, we anticipate scheduling an event prior to the general election and will reach out much earlier to maximize the potential for finding mutually open dates,” Morris said.

Carbajal did not return requests for comment.


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Carbajal can’t debate because he needs the Democrat Socialists and enviro wackos to give him talking points. He has no ideas only does what he is told to do. He has supported every effort to shut down private business and increase taxes on WE the people. He is bought & paid for by the Hemp & marijuana growers. Vote for Andy Caldwell.


Your comment is as propogandist as it gets, for all I know you’re a plant of Saudi, Russian, Brazilian, British or Chinese making. The old Socialism card, yet you rely on socialism to pave your roads, flush your tpilet, drink your water and educate your kids. Boy, socialism taught in American schools, you bet! Oh those socialist Militaries and tax based foindation. And as an Imperialist American, you throw stones in a glass house with a glass foundation. . . .oh lord stop watching Fox and TV and get some perspective. Aljazeera, NPR, KCBX, BBC, PBS, Anything but TV please, your spitting out lies. Lies. Lies and more lies, and CCN says, yeah, this comment of opinion as fact is a ok. CCN needs to BAN comments like Atascadero news does, so they can FOCUS on Journalism and stop triggering emotional sensitive IQ reduced minorities of not thought people. Pleae don’t post this, this is for the moderators. Stop the god damn comment section. Your promoting hate. You can’t force people to go to college.


Salud “Chicken” Carbajal…

Jorge Estrada

This is a very normal behavior, just like when children soil their pants and stay out of the crowd. No ill will towards Carbajal but Caldwell brings years of fresh and reasonable common sense to the table. I look forward to a debate but that likely won’t happen for odorous reasons. So my guess is that we will only have good Carbajal pictures and lofty conversations that will be Trumped by our enough is enough leadership. Great country and great fail safe.


I wouldn’t respond or debate someone who name calls people behind their back, no real decent human would bud. I don’t see our district rep speaking about people he wouldn’t say to their face. Way to slander a Veteran too. All about picking a side huh, many genocides have been enacted under such ignorance and hate.


It’s time The Central Coast had a Representative… Vote for Andy Caldwell as our Congressional Representative.


Ya, a radio jockey. We elected Arnold and Trump, never know!


He must be palling around with Ellen Beraud…they apparently have the same M.O.


These organizations should go forward with the event and ask Carbajal to send a rep. They are letting him control them by his cowardly behavior.

These organizations made plans months in advance, which included booking a venue, invitations to members and others, arranging snacks, sound systems, preparing questions, and more, (ie a lot of prep work), then Carbajal cancels at the last minute because he’s “too busy”? I guess a) his constituents aren’t his priority, b) he is not a man of his word, c) he has a fundraising opportunity the same night so that’s more important, d) he’s afraid to debate, e) there’s something on TV those nights, e) he has laundry to do, f) all of the above g) etc.

Shame on him!


“Last week, Carbajal canceled his acceptance, because he is too busy…”

Too busy doing WHAT- running to get Nancy Pelosi her coffee… bending and bowing and obeying Pelosi’s every command.

Pelosi’s obedient little puppy-dog is an insult to the citizens, voters and taxpayers of the Central Coast. The Central Coast deserves a real representative to the U.S. Congress- instead, unfortunately, we have little Dopey the Klown- Nancy Pelosi’s representative to the Central Coast.

Carbajal has had two terms in Congress to prove himself to the voters- instead, he has chosen to be Pelosi’s obedient little sock-puppet. When he had a chance to demonstrate his worth to Central Coast voters in a legitimate debate, instead, he chickened out like a frightened little coward.

It’s time that the Central Coast voters and citizens have a true Representative to the United States Congress. We deserve nothing less.

I don’t know Andy Caldwell, and I’ve never met him. But, at the very least, he isn’t Salud Carbajal, and Caldwell is an opportunity for a fresh face and a change in Washington to speak for, and on behalf of, the Central Coast.


Caldwell would have him for lunch. Carbajal is a piece of work. Was at a fundraiser once for a local organization. It was out on the Santa Margarita Ranch. 99% of the people there were local ranchers and other elected officals who were mostly Republican. Everybody was ignoring him and his little legislative assistant. Finally, about half way through he and his little minion got up and stormed out looking like his feelings were hurt. Hello Salud, nobody likes you outside of your liberal enclave of SB!


Why would Carbajal debate someone who over the years has called him a “stooge,” “swamp creature in training” and “communist?” Caldwell is a minor blip on Carbajal’s screen. As of this fall, Carbajal held a fundraising advantage of about 15-1 over Caldwell. My prediction is Salud wins by at least 20 points—he beat Justin Fareed, who was far better funded than Andy, by over 17 points in 2018. I suggest that if Caldwell really fashions himself a politician he run for school board or city council and work his way up. He has no business running for Congress at this time.


Necause those of us Carbajal has insulted over the years want to hear his excuses.


Insults? What, did he call you the “enemy of the people,” “human scum,” “major loser,” “fat pig,” “dog,” slob,” “disgusting animal,” or any myriad of insults that seem to be perfectly fine as long as you’re a Republican?