SLO County District Attorney responds to justice concerns

January 14, 2020

As a group of concerned citizens in San Luis Obispo County prepare to join in a March for Justice, planned for 3 p.m. at the county courthouse on Monterey Street, District Attorney Dan Dow released a statement regarding his views on justice and public safety.

District Attorney Dan Dow’s statement:

“I am District Attorney Dan Dow and it is my honor to serve the People of San Luis Obispo County and the State of California.  Our mission is “bringing justice and safety to our community by aggressively and fairly prosecuting crime and protecting the rights of crime victims.”

“Our staff works incredibly hard every day to ensure that justice is done in a manner that is fair to all concerned, fair to victims and also fair to those who are charged with crimes.  We receive between 12000 and 14000 criminal case referrals each year and support around 11,000 victims of crime throughout the year.  We have demonstrated compassion through starting our Veterans Treatment Court, Misdemeanor Diversion, and working collaboratively on the new Mental Health Diversion program created by the Legislature.

“While our justice system is not perfect, we are passionately committed to using all of the resources available to ensure that our community is safe, offenders are held accountable, and that victims of crime are heard and afforded respect throughout the process.

“I am proud of the results of our staff’s great work.  Our community in San Luis Obispo is safer as a result of the great work of the District Attorney’s Office and our justice and community partners in the County.

“If you want to learn more about our office and the work that we do, please visit our website.”


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Dan, Dan, Dan. Don’t you think it’s time for you to start serving the people who voted for you, instead of the corrupt inner circle in this county? Remember the term “law enforcement?”

Here’s a look at Dow’s thoughts regarding his refusal to prosecute perjury and civil corruption.

Go to: and scroll to “Scenes in Brief.”

What about SLO Police Officer Josh Walsh that shot at the dog 3 times resulting in the dog’s death? Video exists but it remains under seal. Why?

Lack of Transparency means our government leader’s words are just fluff. Let the video speak for itself. Release it.

Dan Dow, is a embarrassment to the rule of law, integrity, ethics and Honesty, he is nothing short of a Politician and no more. He has violated the Brady rule many times, he promoted his #2 Lady in his office to silence her from filing a Sexual Harassment claim against his office, as his best friend is Andy Cadena who got Dan’s gal pal pregnant.

So he promotes her and demotes the daddy who is Andy Cadena a Married man with Children and now Andy will get this covered up by Dan and get his promotion as this inner office sexual misconduct continues. Now a new little boy is here by Andy Cadena the man Dow wanted to run for Judge against Judge Baltadono, Andy lost and had been a sexual predator in the DA’s office for some time and Dan Protects him so he will not leak out the other Dark Secrets Dan is concealing.

Dow, likes to play God, yet he is a liar and dishonest, why has he allowed at last count 9 Law Enforcement Officers not be charged for crimes from Rape, Evidence tampering, lying on the stand, Perjury, lying in affidavits to get false warrants, failing to charge rapist cop Chris McGuire, assaults in the Jail, Deaths in the Jail, missing evidence from the evidence room !!!

Today’s March was about cover ups, lying, concealing the truth, an illegal unjustified shooting of a dog. False charges against innocent people and your own staff lying, Tracy Nix, Kelly Manderino, AJ Santana, Eric Vitale, Leaks from the inner office sexual misconduct still going on !!!!!

Why is it you allow one of your own buddies DA Cadena to impregnate YOUR main gal in your office and promote her ? why are you hiding and what more will be coming out. So many officers have lied, cheated on spouses, used drugs and attended Drunken parties at the Lofts on Marsh.

Why have you made so many wicked shameful comments on several Lawyers many who left your office to work in private of with the County Counsel. Your statements against Commissioner Leslie Kraut, her Husband Matt (X-DA) your comments against several sitting judges you are just one more dirty fake ” Religious Nut Job” your fake statements about the Gay community as you describe your a man of Faith yet you spread the word the bible hates Gays like you do too.

Why haven’t you arrested Bill Worrell and Charlie Tenborg for their multiple felonies including embezzlement, bribery and perjury? You must be taking payoffs from Adam Hill too? Shmuck.

That statement was a big nothingburger.

Kinda like when DA Dow said he supported women and the Me Too movement but then refused to charge the Paso cop rapist?