Tanker truck full of bleach overturns in Oceano

January 9, 2020


A tanker truck full of bleached overturned in Oceano Thursday afternoon, according to the CHP.

At about 12:20 p.m., a caller reported a tanker crashed near Silver Spur Place and Creek Road. The white semi truck went around a corner too quickly and overturned, according to the CHP.

It is unclear if anyone suffered injuries. Authorities have yet to release further details about the accident.

Jorge Estrada

Breach, bleach, beach.

Francesca Bolognini

I have a hard time understanding why a lot of you live here, if you so clearly distain it so deeply. There are other places in the world, you know. Perhaps if you spent a bit of time elsewhere, you might come to appreciate this county. It could definitely use improvement, but that is our collective responsibility and will not improve by constant snarking and insulting and general lack connection to community. Perhaps getting a life might make the county seem a bit more rosy. Try it sometime.


Don’t worry. I’m sure they’ll find something to complain about.


Lemme ask you when did you moved to the CC? perhaps a native? So lets take the last 30 years or so. Back then North Co was agriculture, fields of hay or animal feed of some sort. A livestock auction yard, open places to explore.No gangs, no multi million dollar homes, no winers over running residents and stealing their water. Remember Santa Maria? a healthy blooming family community where you could settle down with your family and buy a home for a decent price. Now its the killing fields of Mexifornia. Illegal activity from gangs and the scum of the west coast. Lets focus on the center of the CC. AG, million dollar homes, Pismo the same and like a Disneyland nightmare in summer with hundreds of thousand of tourist catered to by a hand full of business owners and politicians who think in one term, money. Cuesta grade traffic closing in on bumper to bumper.Oh yeah, and LOVR and its traffic and whats yet to come once the Dalidio and Madonna Projects are done? Can we say cluster Fxxx. I wont even go into politics and corruption that you yourself complain about. Sure the hell hasn’t gotten better in 30 years. So you see, the once wonderful CC isn’t so wonderful anymore. Maybe your fresh from Bako, then Id imagine you think your in Paradise, great, enjoy. The rest of the long timers already have fled to greener pastures or plan to asap. Does that kinda cover the bases for you?


Sorry, Snoid, what CBD oils have you been rubbing on your temples? Can’t stand your “transplant” pseudo local bit. Enough already.


Yeah dude,huh,huh,huh…CBD oil. AKA loser lotion. KInda like that medicinal pot lie. About 2% of the users really need it to benefit medical problems. The rest are small time drug addicts looking for an excuse to get high, sit on your ass and wait for the world to hand you something for free. Go watch some Beavis and Buttsniff reruns Bra.


You might benefit off of the calming effects of cannabis to curve your hostility and your agressive, judgemental remarks. I advocate you avoid alcohol.


And those “long timers” that flee from here will become someone else’s reason to complain about transplants moving in. Turns out the bitching never ends.


Chlorine isn’t anything to laugh at; it’s a SERIOUS health issue. And CCNews wasn’t able to find out about any public health warnings? Silver Spur road, and Creek Road are both straight and intersect at a 90°, there are no ‘curves’.


Bleach is not chlorine.


Hum, CHP says the truck took the corner to fast. Looks pretty evident the truck cut the corner and off tracking caught up with the rear end. Generally speaking when there is no earth under ones tires gravity makes bad stuff happen. However there is no gravity in SLO CO, it just sucks.There ya have it. Rocket science I guess.


Always thought the gene pool needed some chlorine.


That’s a good one.


Impressive that you know what a gene pool is…


That town needs a pretty severe disinfecting so….


As does your mouth.