Dozens arrested in Central Coast human trafficking operation

February 6, 2020


As part of a yearly statewide human trafficking crackdown, law enforcement agencies on the Central Coast recently arrested three pimps, 22 prostitutes and 14 Johns. Officials are not releasing the names of those arrested because of the ongoing investigations.

The sixth annual Operation Reclaim and Rebuild was executed during January to correlate with National Human Trafficking Awareness month and was focused on rescuing victims of human trafficking and aiding them in rebuilding their lives.

Deputies targeted massage parlors where there have been reports of illegal sexual activity. Charges ranged from prostitution, pimping to possession of drugs and firearms.

The Ventura, Santa Barbara, and San Luis Obispo county sheriff’s offices, local police departments, and the FBI participated in the sting operation.

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Reading the comments, which I gather are written by men, is both disgusting and sad. The same type of pathetic, sick men that say: “All women want to get paid for sex”. That’s ONLY said by men. I’ve never heard a woman say that. Because no woman would say something like that. And any man that thinks women like prostitution need to crawl back under the rock they belong under.

This whole human trafficking has been a con job, what happens to the johns that were seeing girls that were actually consenting to the arrangement?

I don’t understand how prostitution is even illegal!

The Supreme Court in Roe vs Wade decided that a woman has a right to do what she wants with her body, when it comes to abortion, why wouldn’t that also be true when it comes to prostitution?

If a woman wants to make fantastic money with flexible hours, why should the government have any say whatsoever!!!

Fourteen Johns arrested? What a coincidence they’d all have the same first name.

Wow I wonder how much this fiasco cost to save the world. This activity has gone on for ever and will continue to no matter how many people you arrest. If people are being used for this against their will then they should be protected but if its voluntary then so be it.How much difference is it if you pay for someones dinner ,movies,rent etc in return for certain favors . You paid for a end result maybe it took you more money and time but results were the same. Go after the real criminals.

The big difference is that there is a large amount of taxes that are not being paid when cash changes hands for the medicinal sex worker trade. With the passage of Prop 64 (pot for new taxes), Prop 69 may be then next high level decision to be made in Sac.. just trying to understand what makes Gov work for us?.

Anybody find it ironic we are enforcing prostitution laws while at the same time the state legislature is passing laws protecting sex workers rights.

Protect the humans being trafficked by arresting them as prostitutes…

They HAVE to arrest them and then they are vetted to determine if they are being trafficked.