San Luis Obispo bans e-cigarette sales

February 7, 2020


Following the lead of a couple of other local jurisdictions, the San Luis Obispo City Council formally adopted an ordinance on Tuesday that prohibits the sale of e-cigarettes.

The ban applies to e-cigarettes that have not been approved by the federal Food and Drug Administration (FDA). But thus far, no e-cigarette products have received a premarket review by the FDA.

Likewise, the new San Luis Obispo ordinance prohibits the sale of flavored vape juices and liquids that can be used in various electronic smoking devices.

In promoting the ordinance, city officials cited concern about the rising popularity of vaping among local youth. Proponents of e-cigarette bans argue vaping poses an immediate health risk and has been the cause of some recent teenage deaths in the United States.

Critics, though, argue vaping is a less harmful alternative to long-term cigarette use and can be used to break addiction to traditional cigarettes.

The city of SLO has already banned smoking tobacco in most public places.

Recently, both the city of Arroyo Grande and San Luis Obispo County adopted similar ordinances banning the sale of e-cigarettes. The city of Morro Bay is also in the process of adopting a ban on the sale of vaping products.

SLO’s ordinance will take effect on May 4.

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I am very sorry for the people of San Luis Obispo this is a sad day. I am a ex smoker that quit using flavored vaping products. I wanted something that mimicked a cigarette, but did not taste, or smell like a cigarette. Adults do not like tobacco flavored E liquid it has no resemblance to a real cigarette therefor it will not help adults quit smoking. The only thing this bill will do is rise the smoking rate amongst adults,and kid’s. Sad very sad. #wevapewevote

I wonder if Helios Daysprings’ generosity towards local politicians had any role in their decisions?

I mean if your business is selling real marijuana and the money you spend on political donations is derived from that business pursuit it stands to reason that if you lose market share to competitors at every tobacco shop and 7-11 that is selling vaping pens you would want to put a stop to that right? I mean, good God, what if every environmentally responsible Greta Thunberg wannabe decided marijuana vaping was more environmentally friendly than firing up a fatty.

This “response to a health crisis” is a ruse. If the elected leaders cared that much why stop with vaping pens. Go for the whole enchilada and ban tobacco sales too.

Wonder how they will make up the lost tax revenue.

Smoke em if ya got em!

Political correctness run amok. Pot legal, cigarettes legal. If they had vaping when I was smoking maybe I would have stopped 10 years sooner. Read the real statistics on what vaping products are really causing the problems.

So they also banned regular cigarettes as well, right? I mean one kills a person every 10 minutes… the other has only killed people when they buy black market weed pens filled with poison. Both (vaping & smoking nicotine) are not good for you, but one is magnitudes worse.

Just curious if the FDA has approved recreational Marijuana yet?

Marijuana is marijuana.. the reason a person consumes it is the only thing that differentiates recreational vs medical… but to answer your question, 2018 the FDA approved the first marijuana derived drug.

They approved a CBD derived drug not with THC.