Paso Robles winery owner accused of shooting neighbor’s golf cart

February 4, 2020

Tobin James Shumrick


San Luis Obispo County prosecutors have filed charges against the founder of Paso Robles winery Tobin James Cellars for allegedly shooting the wheels of a neighbor’s golf cart and vandalizing his truck during a violent confrontation last October. [New Times]

Winemaker Tobin James Shumrick, 62, has pleaded not guilty to charges of felony shooting at an occupied vehicle, misdemeanor vandalism and misdemeanor hit-and-run. Shumrick claims to have acted in self-defense and that his winery was under attack by an out-of-control neighbor with an extensive criminal history.

On Oct. 2, Gabriel David Canaday, 41, was driving a golf cart on Tobin James Cellars property on Union Road. Shumrick used a shotgun to shoot out the tires of the golf cart, according to the SLO County District Attorney’s Office.

Shumrick then intentionally damaged Canaday’s truck, a criminal complaint states. No one suffered injuries during either of the incidents.

The following day, sheriff’s deputies arrived at the property and arrested Shumrick after he reportedly admitting to shooting the golf cart.

Sheriff’s spokesman Tony Cipolla said Shumrick told deputies Canaday had been trespassing on winery property numerous times over the few months leading up to the incident.

Gabriel Canaday

Jere Sullivan, an attorney for Tobin James Cellars, said Shumrick acted in self defense and his actions were necessary. Over several months, Canaday repeatedly trespassed on winery property and harassed and intimidated Tobin James employees and patrons, Sullivan said.

In the middle of 2019, Canaday was trespassing on winery property on a near-daily basis and sometimes at night. At times, he used his car to block employees from leaving the parking lot. Canaday also fired weapons from his property, made vague threats and accused the winery of hiding members of his family, Sullivan said.

Everyone was terrified of Canaday, Sullivan said. Some employees quit over his actions, and others threatened to quit.

Canaday’s property and the winery face each other across Union Road. Over a two-year period, the sheriff’s office received 43 calls for service to the two properties.

According to the sheriff’s office, Canaday has been arrested 18 times since April 2019. Most of the arrests were on warrants for violating restraining orders and failing to appear in court. Canaday is also accused of harassing his ex-wife and threatening to kill a local man.

In late October, following the shooting and Shumrick’s arrest, Tobin James Cellars filed for a restraining order against Canaday in an attempt to protect its 66 employees. After the restraining order was granted, Canaday allegedly violated it by texting winery staffers and continuing to trespass on the property.

Canaday is currently in San Luis Obispo County Jail, where he has been in custody since Nov. 15.

On that day, a sheriff’s deputy attempted to arrest Canaday during a traffic stop. Canaday fled on Highway 46, prompting a chase that concluded when he returned to his Union Road home, where deputies arrested him with help from a CHP helicopter.

Canaday underwent a psychiatric evaluation and was found competent to stand trial. He then pleaded no contest to resisting arrest and evading an officer.

On Jan. 28, a judge sentenced Canaday to five months in county jail.

The sheriff’s office website, though, shows Canaday’s projected release date is Feb. 28.

Following his own arrest, Shumrick posted $250,000 bail. A preliminary hearing in Shumrick’s case is scheduled for Feb. 25.


Forget the golf cart. Toby should have taken birdshot to this dudes ass.


??? Hmmm, I want to be one of the jurors in this trial! . SO, they are saying after all the harassment, Tobin doesnt have a right to protect his property and people?? CRAZZY!

This is a perfect example of what is wrong with things. Its all backwards. Reimburse Tobin for his time and effort! Keep Creepy Canaday in jail where he belongs.

He had every right to protect his property!


Sounds like Tobin should be reimbursed for his spent ammo rather than waste time and money arresting him for protecting his property from a loon.

Jorge Estrada

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Noodly Appendages

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“Canaday has been arrested 18 times since April 2019. Most of the arrests were on warrants for violating restraining orders and failing to appear in court. Canaday is also accused of harassing his ex-wife and threatening to kill a local man.”

Uh, somebody help me here, but shouldn’t that be sufficient info to put a psycho creep in jail where he belongs, before somebody gets hurt?

As somebody else on this site recently rhetorically asked, “Dan Dow- what the Hell do you DO all day long?” And this is NOT a rhetorical question, now- I’m asking YOU directly, Dan Dow, tell us- just what the Hell DO you do all day long?


“Sufficient info to put a psycho creep in jail where he belongs.” “Psycho creep in JAIL where he belongs.” That’s what people though about ??????? and many others with mental health issues that society stereotype “psycho creeps” and end up in the County dumping grounds for everyone’s problems, Co Jail.


Interesting, a long standing feud, well-known, multiple calls to the Sheriff, and no arrest or case could be developed? Sounds like Parkinson let it fester until it exploded and then made an easy felony arrest. Someone could have died.

Sounds like their typical work. How about being more pro-active so the public can be safer?


If the deputies responded to multiple calls out to Union Road and made 18 arrests between August and November then they were doing their job. They don’t file criminal charges, Dan Dow does. Sounds like they were doing their jobs and Dan Dow didn’t do his, which resulted in the aforementioned “festering”.

Getting the D.A.’s office to file criminal charges to harder than getting a politician to tell the truth.


Maybe he had been drinking just a w-e-e bit too much of his not-so famous wine.