SLO County Supervisor Adam Hill is a hypocrite

February 4, 2020

Supervisor Adam Hill


On the first of this month, San Luis Obispo County Supervisor Adam Hill sent out a vicious email blast from his personal computer excoriating his opponent Stacy Korsgaden. Then, after attacking her, he closed by saying “we will not… align with any attacks on my opponent.” What a hypocrite!

As the most troubled and troublesome politician we’ve had in this county in recent memory, Adam Hill is a human hand grenade whose obnoxious behavior has outlived his welcome.

While he attributed a number of false allegations in his latest email blast to Stacy Korsgaden, it’s time to enumerate some of the many truths about Adam Hill:

Hill has historically accepted thousands of dollars from the county’s biggest developers, marijuana moguls, and the wine billionaires trying to privatize the North County groundwater basin at public expense.

Hill once impersonated an opponent in his 2012 race for supervisor in a phone call to a person who wrote a letter to the editor, leaving a scathing message that he attributed to his opponent at that time.

Hill has welcomed the marijuana industry to San Luis Obispo County, advocating against regulating that industry and the corruption that has come with it.

Hill has been investigated by the District Attorney’s Office for sending vulgar and threatening emails to one of his critics, an investigation that concluded that the emails came directly from Hill’s own computer.

Hill has used pay-to-play schemes to extract campaign contributions by telling potential contributors that if they didn’t contribute to his campaigns, he would deny them access to his office.

Hill is a misogynist who regularly disrespects and verbally abuses the women serving as County Supervisors during the board’s public meetings.

Hill continues to advocate for higher county fees on housing that only increase the cost of housing in the middle of a statewide housing crisis.

Hill, who touts himself as a champion of the homeless, strenuously fought against Supervisor Debbie Arnold’s successful program called “50 Now” to house 50 of the most vulnerable and chronically homeless, only to turn around and take credit for its success.

Hill ignored the voter’s decision in 2016 who voted by nearly 80 percent to have the county manage its local groundwater basins.

Hill violated the will of those voters in his attempt to invite the state to take over management of our local groundwater supplies.

Hill has attempted to close down the great investigative reporting of Cal Coast News by threatening its advertisers with reprisals that would economically damage them.

Hill has used county funds to retain expensive out-of-town lawyers to defend him from litigation that his actions have spurred.

Hill wants to take away funding for maintaining and improving key infrastructure including county roads in order to throw more public funding towards homelessness.

Hill attempted a coverup to block the well-justified investigation into the corruption and financial mismanagement of the IWMA– the Integrated Waste Management Board.

Hill has used the county’s email system to send obscene, sexually perverse, and slanderous emails to intimidate those who disagree with him.

Hill, when publicly called on the carpet for those vulgar emails, had to take a leave of absence from the Board of Supervisors claiming he was suffering from mental illness and depression, only to later resume his bad email habits.

Hill has used anti-gay slurs against people who are critical of him.

Hill took credit for trying to establish a desalinization plant at Diablo Canyon when he knew full well that it couldn’t happen based on his inside knowledge of the imminent closure of the Diablo Canyon nuclear power plant.

If these aren’t enough reasons for voters to forcibly retire Adam Hill from the Board of Supervisors, I don’t know what else there is. After all, if we are to get rid of corruption in this county, we need to get Adam Hill out of politics. It’s time we sent this Jersey boy back to Jersey!


Tom, you missed a few! Didn’t he hire his trolls too? I am bewildered why the Good People of District 3 would allow someone like Hill to represent them?? I can only assume they are ignorant or scared of his actions. Not everyone reads CCN. Funny though, people in NY know more about Hill’s crazy behavior than people in district 3? I feel like making copies of Tom’s Opinion and dropping them from the sky over District 3!

Don’t they realize HILL is a reflection of those who vote for him?


And the progressives don’t care, they will re-elect him.


I am progressive and absolutely will not vote for Hill. I can not bring myself to vote for such a vile and immoral person, no matter their party affiliation or political promises.

Unfortunately, I have to agree that many progressives will vote for him anyway. I see their signs up supporting him and this saddens me.

Jorge Estrada

This is the resume of someone who should not work for the U.S. Post Office, be allowed to carry a hand gun or serve in the military. Maybe his best place is on the Board, front and center, where he can be watched until the hand cuffs are placed on him as a result of his personal life? Maybe it will happen during Public Comments?


Sounds like he is reviled by everybody, except those that count – his clueless constituents in District 3 – who continue to re-elect him. The only way to get rid of someone like this is to play to their ego – convince them they should run for bigger office and then have those voters soundly defeat him.


Well, “hypocrite” wouldn’t be my first choice of words to describe him. Adam Hill’s initials are the same as the words I was thinking of.


Join the discussion…I thought the same thing… A. H. Absolutely Honest.


Keith, not excusing this guy’s wacky behavior or yours either, but I see you slander and name call politicians as well, making you a hypocrite, over and over. I saw this article coming as well… not to mention you don’t represent locals well and that quarry debacle that citizens voiced no to.


Oldtimer, it’s readily apparent that you can’t handle the truth…


Says you, whom ignores EIRs and locals. And my truth is from academics of 2000’s, not 1960s lead pipes and asbestos insulation and coal power plants. Dr’s have to do annual recertifications, maybe you should too? 50 years out of school is a long time friend.


Adam Hill also supports the principles of the United Nations agenda 21. He publicly made that statement with his signature as a County Supervisor at a meeting hosted by ICLEI in Santa Barbara. The United Nations is attempting to create a one world government and that government is not based on Constitution of United States of America. Supporting ICLEI is supporting the United Nations Agenda 21 to replace the Constitution of the United States with their ‘s. Agenda 21 wants EVERYTHING to be controlled by them!


If I remember right when he signed that it was done very quietly, I think it may have been some time before we the serfs heard about it, maybe we should petition the board after we get a new district 3 sup in to get us off of that.


Cut & Paste this into your Facebook and share it with your friends. It will get around.. ..


WOW! Seeing it all listed is overwhelming! This needs to get out…think the Tribune or New Times will print it? :)


Or KSBY ?????????????