Farmers’ Market canceled over coronavirus concerns

March 13, 2020


There will be no Farmers’ Market in downtown San Luis Obispo Thursday night, nor on any of the remaining Thursdays this March, because of the coronavirus outbreak.

Downtown SLO, the organization that operates Farmers’ Market, announced Thursday morning it suspended the event at the direction of the California Public Health Department. Downtown SLO plans for Farmers’ Market to resume on April 2.

Currently, there are no confirmed coronavirus cases in SLO County, but the state of California is making every effort to slow the rate of transmission of the virus, Downtown SLO stated in a press release.

“The health and wellness of our community is our top priority and we must make sure we are making decisions in the best interest under the advisement of public health officials,” according to Downtown SLO.

But, the organization says downtown San Luis Obispo is still open for business, and all healthy people are invited to shop in the area.

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Cruise night returns!

It is Corona virus friendly, as long as everyone stays in their cars.

Im sure the SF’s will all self regulate into one of the 85 bars. I hear whiskey makes for a great antibacterial potion, just another way slo proper leads the way in the so many things to be proud of..