SLO County orders shelter at home, Adam Hill noticeably missing?

March 19, 2020

Supervisor Adam Hill


Coronavirus cases are spreading. San Luis Obispo County residents are sheltering at home. And Board of Supervisor Chair Adam Hill is noticeably absent. Hill went silent shortly after the FBI raided his office last week.

As the chair of the SLO County Board of Supervisors, Hill is expected to take a leadership role. By law, some orders are required to be signed by the board chair, unless he is unavailable.

On Wednesday, county staff searched for Hill in an attempt to have him sign the shelter at home order, which notes that because Hill was unavailable, the emergency services director signed the document.

Hill stopped attending meetings or returning phone calls on March 11, the day the FBI raided his office located in the County Government Center.

Where is he? It appears he is at his home in Pismo Beach.

It is unclear when, or if, Hill plans to take an active role as the chair of the San Luis Obispo County Board of Supervisors.

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Prior to his FBI raid, the Board of Supervisors was supposed to investigate Hill’s emails to Dave Congalton and postponed that review until after the March elections. Well it’s after the March elections and no word as to when the Board will be doing what it should be doing in evaluating his short term future as Chair of the Board.

Meanwhile, Hill goes missing on the date of the raid and fails to show at the Board meeting where they ordered shelter at home. Since the Chair has certain responsibilities like signing such proclamations, Hill’s absence is creating problems, something at which Hill excels. The Board should convene its ‘next Meeting and if he doesn’t show then, they should remove Hill from the Chair and appoint the next in line for the Chair– Lynn Compton– for the rest of 2020.

But what is happening to the original investigation into his obscene emails? Rita Neal? Other Board members? The Tribune? The dense shroud of secrecy that County staff has been laying down to protect him since the FBI raid is patently unacceptable


We’ll soon find out what the feds found on his computer that sent him into this spiral.


And what’s happened to his acolytes? They sure have gone quiet. The whole Grover Beach Council, who have been cronied up with him since 2012 have gone to ground. Fire Chief Lieberman, his campaign manager and staunch supporter, and John Shoals, Lieberman’s best friend, the henchmen for Mayor Lee, suddenly have nothing to say. Karen Bright who has adoringly gushed over him in countless TV ads … where are you? Shoals seems to have gone into hiding. Maybe they should all leave town, as they have counseled so many they have paid off with public funds when they have been caught in the act.


Quiet perhaps, but still there, Lee, Neal, Lieberman, odd political choice as a fire chief, Shoals, pure unbridled pay-to-play corruption. Go FBI.


AWOL? MIA? I can’t think of a politician, good, bad, or indifferent who goes into hiding a week before an election and then doesn’t surface for several weeks with no comment. Yeah, the FBI raided his office, but he has lawyered up according to his ex. The worst of the worst would show up, put on a good face, and get their lawyer to make a statement. It is unheard of for an elected representative to disappear in a national and local crisis. The man is clearly incompetent on every level and should be removed as chair, and if possible, as a supervisor. If his arrest or arraignment is imminent, then the right thing to do is to resign and let the board get on with business.


Well consider who has been busted in slo county to date and where they are today. Lets take John Wallace for example. Nailed for 4 felony counts for screwing the tax payers sbasically and he and his company are still SLO’s leader in engineering and management in the private and civil sector. Dont get your hopes up to much, Hill will return like a bad case of heartburn and do what he does best.


This is a critical time for our community. We need serious civil servants. We do not need embarrassing small-county psychodrama from the supervisors. There’s no room for Adam Hill at a time like this. May his staycation in Pismo Beach be peaceful, long, and uninterrupted by government business.


Good to hear somebody is enjoying themselves. Talk a walk, a swim, a hike..anything but scream more of the sky is falling or calling the cops because somebody is outdoors. That is ridiculous.

Eyes Everywhere




Objectively, this guy is solidly not healthy. I don’t know his side of the story but best to self isolate.

“Progressive” another meaningless label for the dust bin, or worse yet, an insurance advert.


Other than his John Hancock on a couple of items were better off if he stays away.

Without his drama, shouting and blustering the Board will be much more efficient and productive.


There is no denying that SLO County and the rest of the country is in crisis.

Confusion is abundant with respect to how do I get tested, where do I go to get tested, how much will the test cost and what happens to me if I test positive. If you can get ANYBODY in county government to actually ANSWER their publiclly paid for phone you will get conflictig answers.

If the virus didn’t get you then the financial burden when this is all said and done, if ever, will surely be the economic demise of many….except those that work in government who will be just fine.


I’m truly sorry if there is a medical reason for Hill’s absence but his silence and those of his staff are totally unacceptable in these critical times.


Testing do you need it? DRY cough, i.e., none productive NO mucus? Fever? Shortness of breath? If not please stay home.


No please about it. It is now mandated!


Unless you’re in a critical state, you’ll get the same treatment whether you are positive or negative. You’ll get sent home to isolation to let it cook out of your body. At this morning’s press conference, Dr. Birx said that of all the tests from those symptomatic that are pouring in as of yesterday, 80% of those are NEGATIVE.

I sincerely hope the EVERYBODY watches these daily press conferences rather than paying ANY attention to the MSM because after watching both, it’s hard to believe the MSM is at the same conference garnering the same information.

As for Hill? His resignation should already be penned and submitted. This citizens of this county do NOT need nor deserve what he has put us all through to date. He’s not fit to serve and fulfill his required duties. The process of replacement should start immediately.