California to provide coronavirus relief funds to illegal immigrants

April 16, 2020

Gov. Gavin Newsom

The state of California will distribute payments to illegal immigrants from a new $125 million coronavirus disaster relief fund, Gov. Gavin Newsom announced on Wednesday. [CNN]

In attempt to make up for their exclusion from the $2.2 trillion federal stimulus program, California is offering a one-time benefit of $500 to each adult illegal immigrant in the state, with a cap of $1,000 per household. An estimated 150,000 illegal immigrants are expected to benefit from the program.

The money will come from a fund that combines $75 million in state funds with $50 million contributed by private philanthropists.

“We feel a deep sense of gratitude for people that are in fear of deportations that are still addressing essential needs of tens of millions of Californians,” Newsom said. “And that’s why I’m proud as governor to be the very first state to announce a program for direct disaster assistance to those individuals.”

Newsom said 10 percent of California’s workforce consists of undocumented immigrants, and they are overrepresented in sectors keeping the state afloat, including health care, agriculture and food, manufacturing and logistics and construction. It is estimated illegal immigrants paid more than $2.5 billion in local and state taxes last year.

The governor suggested $125 million in aid is not enough.

“I’m not here to suggest that $125 million is enough,” Newsom said. “But I am here to suggest it’s a good start, and I’m very proud it’s starting here in the state of California.”

Regional nonprofits with experience serving illegal immigrant communities will disperse the funds.

This week, legal United States residents began receiving $1,200 checks as part of the stimulus package signed into law by President Donald Trump.


…And when California runs out of money and ask the Feds for help after giving tax payer money to illegal Aliens, Trump will deny the funds.


Gavin is so proud of himself to be first Governor to give illegal Mexican Nationals disaster relief funds.

Maybe Gavin could feel proud of himself by giving us Californians a break. Maybe lower our gas prices at the pump. Maybe cut our State taxes a little…

Businesses that want to hire a foreign National from any Country should be required to obtain work permits for them. That also means Farmers. The American tax payer should not be the ones paying for cheap labor. These field workers do not come alone they bring their families with them. They place the burden on us of providing their families with food stamps, housing, health care, and education. Paying more for a head of lettuce, its still better than providing health care and education. It cost around $12,000 per baby for a natural birth. Has anybody any idea how many babies are born everyday to Foreign Nationals at the tax payers expense, and that is only the beginning cost for this baby who has achieved USA status. They then use the baby as an anchor to stay, and not be deported. The baby is a Citizen, but is still the responsibility of the parents so where they go the child goes to. When the child reaches the age of emancipation with proof of birth certificate can return to USA.

Once the requirements to hire a Foreign National to work in USA. Employer had to prove that he had advertised, and done everything in his power to find an American Citizen to employ. and only if he could NOT find a person that had the special requirements could he hire a Foreign National.

There are so many exceptional young Americans who are graduating from our Universities. They have worked so hard, and in most cases paid so much to obtain the degree. These young people find themselves out looking for jobs, and having to compete against Foreign cheap labor.

What is happening to our laws in the Country, especially our Immigration laws not being enforced.

Trying to force their way across our boarders, claiming asylum. People want to claim asylum in USA after they have travelled through three different Countries. How are we going to be able to provide for all these people. After this Virus is contained there are going to be a lot of Americans out of work.

God Bless the USA


I couldn’t tell you were a Trump Supporter by Capitalizing Random words. And, foreign Nationals include people from outside of Mexico, in case you Didn’t know.

So much for immigration reform, which Congress has had more than 50 years to accomplish.


I used the word Nationals, because it is not just the Mexicans that are entering our Country illegally.

Yes I do shop at Walmart…. and love it.


euroamerican, glad to see that you have seized the opprtunity to write a nationalist essay. Props to you on your Germany 1939 piece. You sound a little angry, a little “us” vs. “them” ranting. Then you finish your high school cheer with “God bless America”. Are you really American, euroamerican?


I was not fortunate enough to be born here…. but did come legally.

My birth place (not Germany lost a lot of family during that war) I came from a working class family. Where we were raised to work hard, and told frequently that nothing in life comes easy.

Became a citizen of USA main reason, I wanted my children to know how proud I was to be part of this great Country.

I brought with me the same values I was raised with, and passed those on to my children.

I have never been a burden on this Country, and have tried very hard to give as much as I can back to the people here who are less fortunate.

A lot of people talk socialism, but I have lived it. This Country owes me nothing, I owe it everything.

You have implied that I am a Nationalist. I would prefer to to be known as a Patriot. I have lived in other countries, I have traveled the world. I have listened to people condemn this Country who have never set foot outside of it.

I am not angry. I have nothing to be angry about. I have had great opportunities in my life, and the privilege of living in this amazing Country.

God Bless America.

Ralph Snart

Best comment I have ever read on this website. Sir or Ma’am, as a natural born Californian and combat veteran, I salute you.


Mr. Snart,

If it weren’t for men like you the USA wouldn’t be the Country it is today.

Thank you for your service.

George Garrigues

Thanks for the letter, but I understand that most undocumented Mexican workers are here without a family. Where did you get your information; are you sure you are correct? It would be embarrassing for you if you are not.

I am not sure what you mean by “forcing.” The images I have seen show men, women, and children applying for asylum (a reasonable fear of persecution if they aren’t allowed to stay here). What do you mean by “forcing”?

Anyway, it’s been a proud tradition of many countries, not just ours, that refugees are allowed to apply for political asylum. I’m sure you will want to read up on this longstanding tradition.

Silence Dogood

Gifting monies to foreign residents here illegally is a violation of the California Constitution and a crime. Our citizens and businesses operating within the law should be assisted in the recovery from the fallout of this disaster and is legal following existing guidelines.. Newsome’s decisions, including funding illegal aliens will push us off a cliff with no chance for the state to recover.

Penal Code 424 PC – Misappropriation of Public Funds in California. California Penal Code 424 imposes serious criminal penalties on people who commit the crime of misappropriation of public funds–that is, who misuse public funds for which they are responsible.

George Garrigues

Hi. Thanks for your letter. I believe Mr. Newsom had some pretty good lawyers surrounding him, but if you think he’s breaking the penal code, the place to go is to the police. Best of luck with that; it will make for interesting reading on this news site.